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A Brief History Of Chris.

Chris used to be a minor celebrity. A teenage pop star, renowned for being quite little.

But after early success Chris yearned for more. And so in 2005 Chris embarked on a huge global tour to announce himself to the world. The first stop was Malton. It turned out to be the final stop as well.

Being devoured on stage was quite a traumatic experience, and chris spent 2 years hovering between life and death, before finally pulling himself together.

Spending 6 months travelling NT's and looking for order in the madness, he finally found the 404. These days he dies a lot more than he used to. But its for a real purpose.

404group image small.png 404 Member
Little Chris is an adventure tourist and member of 404: Barhah not found.

Chris Facts

  • Chris once spent 2 months defending an NT against Extinction. At the start of the campaign he had a fire axe and a single pistol containing one bullet. When the building fell, Chris was left with an axe and a pistol still holding the same bullet.
  • Little Chris would rather spend 30ap talking rubbish in game than scouting a safehouse.
  • Little Chris' favourite film is Manhunter.
  • His favourite weapon is a toolbox.
  • His favourite hobby is combat reviving rotters in long abandoned Necrotech buildings. If you don't want to be revived, why stand there?