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Pimbank Peppardville

65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74
40 wasteland Voules Plaza Fire Station the Trubridge Arms Stedham Auto Repair Silvester Crescent School Godfrey Lane Procter Alley Gwilliam Alley The Sellwood Motel Club Dupe 40
41 wasteland Breddy Park Derrick Cinema the Carpendale Arms Seamour Road Learcroft Alley Baldon Drive a factory Robilliard Walk St. Paschal's Hospital 41
42 Ottery Drive Hardin Square Mare Auto Repair Culliford Avenue Amesbury Walk Club Coghlan Pual Cinema a factory wasteland a factory 42
43 wasteland McDougall Way Bradbury Library Mills Avenue Reid Place The Empson Monument wasteland The Kerle Arms The Brymer Building The Chichester Monument 43
44 Wolters Cinema the Nuttall Museum Tynte Mall Tynte Mall Cohen Avenue Brodripp Auto Repair Ammonds Street wasteland Purchas Auto Repair Stirling Towers 44
45 Evershed Cinema Barwood Walk Tynte Mall0 Tynte Mall Weakley Square The Howdell Monument Kemball Avenue Denbury Square The Wheals Arms Gaffney Crescent 45
46 Gingell Road Railway Station Villis Road the Retallick Building Prew Way the Lasder Building Swaine Towers The Marks Building Kray Towers Baring Lane Albyn Bank 46
47 Belham Avenue a carpark a factory Eeles Way Weaver Drive a factory Keirl Towers Higley Crescent The Snee Arms The Gibbons Building 47
48 Frayne Walk Fire Station the Goodrich Building Blackham Drive Carpinter Walk Whitten Place Fire Station Midelton Drive The Terdre Hotel Dodington Auto Repair wasteland a junkyard 48
49 Moreby Square Barry Row Shepard Lane a factory Mathams Avenue the Sage Building The Hancox Building Beele Boulevard Railway Station The Parry Motel Wilkin Boulevard 49
65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74
Repaired Ruined Lit Repaired No update in last 24h Lit Status unknown Status Unknown
Acourt Library EHB Acourt Library VHB Acourt Library HB Acourt Library VSB
Acourt Library QSB Acourt Library Lightly 'caded Acourt Library Loosely 'caded Acourt Library Doors