Annual Malton Star Wars Convention

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The first Annual Malton Star Wars Convention is an event being held by The Wraiths, with help from The Malton Zookeepers (and coverage by the Channel 4 News Team), in Brooke Hills in April of 2011. It will start Monday April 4th, and keep going until we get bored (or until we run out of Whyren's Reserve, whichever comes first).

Convention Buildings

  • The Joce Building, Brooke Hills: The Convention Center. This is where we will all meet up the first day, and where some of the other action will take place throughout the course of the convention.
  • Wiles Cinema, Brooke Hills: The Screening Center. We will be running all ten (original trilogy, prequel trilogy, Ewok Adventure duology, Clone Wars animated theatrical release, and the dreaded Holiday Special) Star Wars movies, as well as the parodies Spaceballs and Saving Star Wars, on a repeating loop for the duration of the convention at this location. Other films may be shown as well, if we get good suggestions.
  • St. Pius's Church, Brooke Hills: The convention's designated revive point. The Wraiths and Zookeepers already run this site as an indoor RP, so it doesn't require us to change the suburb's barricade plan at all.
  • City Zoo: Check the enclosures carefully for animals from the Star Wars galaxy, the Galactic Safari will be a major part of the convention.
  • The Aquarium: A place where our breathing-challenged guests can still enjoy the convention.

Convention Activities & Events

  • Film Screening: As mentioned above, Wiles Cinema will be showing pretty much every movie that has anything to do with Star Wars.
  • Costume Contest: If you want to come to the convention in costume, change the survivor/zombie description on your profile. Prizes will be awarded for Most Detailed, Most Original, Most Authentic and other categories as we come up with them.
  • Lightsaber Dueling Tournament: Bring your fencing foil if you want to compete. Matches will be arranged to allow both players to be logged on at the same time, and the first player to score a successful hit wins the match.
  • Galactic Safari: See how many animals from the Star Wars Universe you can spot in the five main Zoo enclosures (The Reptile House, due to its inconvenient geography and the currently-unknown hostility level of the Cult of the Crocodile, is not being used by the convention organizers). Knowledge of Star Wars books/comics/video games is highly recommended if you want to participate in this event... some of our critters are pretty obscure.
    • And yes, the Masonic Werebantha does count. It just wouldn't be a Zoo event without a Masonic Werecreature.
  • The Great Canon Debate: A moderated debate about what, exactly, constitutes "canon" in Star Wars. This was a hugely divisive issue back in the '90s, and is not so much now, but a debate about it might still be fun.
  • Pot Luck: Bring a food or beverage from the Star Wars Universe with you. This may turn into a contest if we can find a way to judge it.


The convention is still technically ongoing. It's just taking place across the entire Brooke Hills/Ketchelbank area now to make it easier for convention guests to evade The Dead, who have apparently decided that a Star Wars convention is a legitimate military target for some asinine reason. This is why The Dead are going to lose regardless of numbers... they're idiots.