Cemetery 31,47

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a cemetery

Havercroft [31, 47]

Cort Row St. Blaise's Church Chaffe Cinema
wasteland a cemetery Spurdell Walk Police Department
Vearncombe Alley Railway Station Cayme Drive a junkyard

Basic Info:


This is the designated revive point for the Ackland Mall if you need a revive and are not a known hostile (That means you, zed spies, rotters and PKers) contact Ackland Mall Security, Reddit survivors, or Crimson Clan on their respective forums to be a living survivor again.


The first cemetery lot in Havercroft. It was owned by the Shotllman family and was a private family cemetery until the family was pressured by the city of Malton into donating it to help handle the increased demand for grave sites in Havercroft.

In the 10th month of 2011 Nock Wood was laid to rest here, occasionally NecroTech syringes and ammo can be found adorning his grave, he is missed by those who knew him.