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Malton has been host to many colorful, demented, and colorfully demented users since quarantine was put into effect. This page displays various citizens of Malton (alive and/or dead) that have been nominated as "Characters of Note" within the Urban Dead community.

This mostly refers to those whose ingame activities have shaped history and/or gameplay, but can also relate to off-site metagaming that has been influential and/or characters who are simply well-known throughout Urban Dead history.

To submit a Character of Note, please check the corresponding talk page!

Don't just sit there - go out and do something to make YOURSELF the next Character of Note!


Who is this?

Bub from "Day of the Dead" places a crank groancall.

Bub is the official player character of Kevan Davis, the sole creator of Urban Dead. Notably, he has actually been seen ingame participating in events such as Mall Tours and Big Bashes.

Bub has the lowest working UDID, #11, and is listed as "military" despite having no military skills. This may be because it was the only class in testing stages when Bub was created, or it may be due to the fact that George A. Romero's "Day of the Dead" character of the same name was an undead member of the military.


Bub, or rather Kevan Davis, created Urban Dead with a bit of inspiration from an exsting game created by a friend. Oddly enough, the game was itself inspired by another of Kevan's projects. Not only has Urban Dead been one of the most successful browser-based, grid-based, PvP games, but it has also inspired a bevy of similar projects across the web such as the popular, defunct Nexus War.