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Clock.png Inactive Group
Cheap Ass Corpses are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 13:46, 12 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?

Cheap Ass Corpses
Abbreviation: CAC
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: ColdShotX
Goals: Overthrow Austrailia
Recruitment Policy: Undead players from the CAG Forums
Contact: CAG Urban Dead Thread

Group Origins

Cheap Ass Corpses (CAC) is a subsidiary of the Cheap Ass Gamer forums, from which groups of CAGs have opted to create both Survivor and Undead groups, operating independently from one another.

CAC currently consists of mostly new and few veteran Urban Dead players, and is currently in the process of determining its point of operations and structure.




The Cheap Ass Corpses currently consists of the following players. All are active. Kill count recording began on January 14th, 2008, so pre-clan kills do not count. Kills are submitted on a voluntary basis by individual clan members.

CAG Name UD Name Survivor Kills Generator/Radio Kills
HotShotX ColdShotX 36 1
CSideGamer CSideGroaner 0 0
Chuckie88 BadTimeCharlie 100 20
ravenbear Umlitka 22 0
getmeoutofjoliet Mike Ditka fiddy fiddy mo'
Scourge Black Scourge 0 0

Cheap Ass Gamer Forums

$50 is a lot of money. That being said, most new games simply aren't worth that much. We all hate feeling ripped off after dropping half a bill on a game, that soon becomes clear, was not worth it. If we avoided paying full price, we probably wouldn't feel as bad and, that's the whole idea behind this site, feeling better about ourselves.

Well, that's part of it, its really about stretching your gaming dollar further so you can play more games for less money. Myself and the rest of the CAG community search the web and try to find quality games at cheap ass prices.

This site is a work in progress (created May 2003), so bear with me while I figure this stuff out.


Current Plans

Cheap Ass Corpses is currently rallying all undead CAGs to an undetermined point in Lamport Hills to begin operations and get their shit together.