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The Creedy Intelligence Tool (CIT), which can be found at, was designed and built by the Creedy Defense Force's CSIS. To the casual observer it doesn`t look like much, but it takes care of many "security" related matters for the CDF.

The most useful and commonly used feature of the CIT is the "Revive Tracker", which allows anyone (well, almost anyone - we have an extensive list of CDF enemies who are banned from the system) to request a revive from one of the CDF`s many NecroTech employees. Some of the requests are made public, allowing any and all NecroTech employees to revive those in need.

The DEM also run a revive tracker (, but theirs is currently much more open and unmoderated. The CDF`s revive tracker is much more secure, with the advanced details inaccessible to the public (only CDF members with security clearance can access them). The CIT also has many more validation checks to stop fake requests getting into the system.

The DEM`s revive tracker is also a very general one, covering all of Malton - the CDF`s revive tracker is specific to the suburbs surrounding Fort Creedy. If anyone outside of the CDF`s area wants a request, we suggest they use the DEM`s tracker - otherwise we suggest they use the CIT. Unless the CDF hosts a list for a revive point in that area, in which case we suggest you get to that revive point and add yourself to the CDF (or to both trackers). Coincidentally, both revive trackers were made public on the very same day (2006-01-16).

The CIT also features a list of revive points. Most of the revive points listed in the system are either local to the CDF`s home territory or were requested by allied groups. Some of the revive points in the CIT have public lists of all revive requesters which are at that location. For example: If you requested a revive at the Way Monument (76, 45), your request details would be publically available on the Way Monument`s revive list. This allows anyone to revive them, rather than having to wait for a CDF NT.

Another use of the CIT is to keep a list of GKers (Generator killers). This list shows the name of who destoyed the generator, gives a link to their profile, gives the location and time of the incident and an image to serve as proof of their act. This list is moderated by CDF officials. To submit a GKer to the list, please visit the Creedy Defense Force's forums and post there. Likewise, if you appear on the list and think you were unfairly added, please contact the CDF via the forums as well..