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The links on this page are suffering from Link Rot and may no longer function. However, they are preserved to reflect the page's significance in Urban Dead history.

Notice:- the original I/Witness page has been moved to I/Witness/archive


Iwitness was a metagame tool hosted at urbandead.INFO which allows users "one click" creation of records that serve both as screen shots and provide all the tactical information that actually viewing a game screen would. It is no longer functional, having died somewhere around 2011.


Here's some examples of the records Iwitness creates. These files were created and stored by random users with a single mouse click!

Some things to notice; although these look like screenshots, they are in fact HTML files that preserve all the links to profiles and so on- in some cases, even links created by extensions. You can even click on the action buttons; the results may amuse you, but it won't cause any ill effects to your own character or the one who provided the record.


There are many ways this tool can be used. Think of it as a camera your character carries that uploads UD game pages to the web - only these are not just pictures, they have links to profiles. Everything you know about the scene, anybody viewing the record knows about the scene.

Want to make a revive request? Use the comment feature, enter "REVIVE", and then post the record link wherever you like. Same with a PK report. Scouting reports can now be insanely detailed, and yet made very, very quickly, simply by making records of the scouted areas, then posting links to those records.


Iwitness comments are used both as part of the title, and in the body of the record. The title portion is limited to 15 characters, but the entire comment is put in the record body. Only numbers, letters, hyphens, and underscores may be used. Any forbidden characters, plus all those which follow, are removed. For ease of reading as part of the record title, it is best if the first 15 characters are all capital letters.

Some useful / popular comments include the following:

  • REVIVE REQUEST (name) for revive requests
  • REVIVE POINT (status) to report a revive point status
  • EXTERNAL RADIO records made to report External Military broadcasts

More to be added SIM Core Map.png Swiers 16:18, 11 September 2007 (BST)


More to be added SIM Core Map.png Swiers 16:18, 11 September 2007 (BST)

How To

Read the Iwitness FAQ and follow the step by step instructions exactly. After doing so (which takes about 45 seconds, there is nothing to download, and no registration process) you will be able to simply click on a bookmark, and the tool will give you a link to your freshly created record. If you still have trouble, there is a Iwitness Forum on urbandead.info.


Iwitness only uploads records when you tell it to. Not only that, but it has a "private" mode that is entirely secure; nobody will ever see the files you upload in private mode unless you give them the link to the record. In fact, the private mode is so secure that without that link the records are impossible to access- even for the person who created them.
In short, nobody can use your iwitness records to spy on you.

Iwitness works equally well for all characters. Anybody can upload records. There are as many ways for character's on both sides of the mortal divide to use this tool as you can imagine.


The "Hide Location" bookmarklet on the bookmarklets page is a nice thing to have when you want to post a public record without revealing your location.


Here's some short (50 character or less) phrases useful for promoting iwitness via tags or radio.*01234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789

  • www.iwitness.urbandead.info - Happy Z-Day, Malton!
  • www.iwitness.urbandead.info - one click screeny's
  • www.iwitness.urbandead.info - records all info
  • www.iwitness.urbandead.info - screeny's made smart
  • www.iwitness.urbandead.info - Infopocalypse Now!
  • www.iwitness.urbandead.info - screeny's made easy
  • www.iwitness.urbandead.info - can I get a witness?
  • www.iwitness.urbandead.info - total communication
  • www.iwitness.urbandead.info - share everything
  • www.iwitness.urbandead.info - knowledge is power
  • www.iwitness.urbandead.info - share everything
  • www.iwitness.urbandead.info - be a show-it-all

Here's some multi-line versions for use in longer radio broadcasts, or for "Burma Shave" style tags.xN-%01234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789
A1- Visit http://www.iwitness.urbandead.info and see
A2- Just how smart and easy screen shots can be.
A3- With just a click and a link you can share
A4- All the information you gather while there!!


Here's a template for users and supporters of iwitness. The code is simply {{iwitness}}, and this produces the following output:

Can I get a witness? Yes.