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Lumber Mall
"... Lumber Mall is down ..."
Zashiya (talk) 18:06, 6 June 2023 (UTC)
Lumber Mall Security
Abbreviation: LMS
Group Numbers: 9
Leadership: None
Goals: To give security for Lumber Mall, deal with P/R/Gkers and of course zombies. As well as organising plans of defence in times of need.
Recruitment Policy: Open to all survivors, young, old and willing to help the mall. See Recuiting for more deatails
Contact: Forum or the tinyurl.

Basic Information

Lumber Mall Security are a friendly bunch of sorts whose main aim is to keep both parts of the mall safe from the impending zombie menace within the smashing suburb of Penny Heights! They also investigate reports of P/G/Rkings and general tomfoolery within the mall.

It is generally accepted that the Security guards will help do whatever they can to help with the local buildings, providing support when severly required.

Seen a crime inside the mall? Know of a genuine asshat and/or griefer? Then post them here and we'll see right to them!

Aims for LMS

The overall aim for LMS is that Lumber mall will eventually become a hub of like minded survivors, willing to protect the mall and help out with the surrounding buildings and have a damn good time while doing it.


All humans of any shape, size,level, creed or whatever can join! So long as you are not a zerger and don't do moonlight Pkings then everything is good to go!

It comes recommended that anyone wanting to join LMS has free running as the mall is infact always at EHB! So you're gonna have to be darn lucky to get in otherwise. Also having the basic shopping skill helps too, as you know, it is a mall after all.

6 Reasons why you should join Lumber Mall Security

  1. It's run by long time members of the game, so you get the benefit of all their experience.
  2. Newbies and veterans alike can join us. Too many newbies are shunned these days.
  3. Everyone is friendly and will answer any questions you have.
  4. You can have the chance to be involved with something huge in Penny Heights
  5. You will always have a say in anything the group does and can suggest anything to make the group better, whatever level you are.
  6. This mall is small and easy to defend, but it also makes it a large target, so you can expect the chance to open a whole can (or 2) of whoop ass on any zombie who comes inside and can help organize the mall in times of trouble!

Like it? Well then officially sign up here! Still, given that we are mostly communicating inside the game please meet us in the mall and see if you can give us a chat and tell us you want to join. Signing up to the forum isn't compulsary but it gives a way to communicate when we're not in game!


Being a security guard is tough work, so to make the most of it you're gonna have to work by these really hard rules.

  1. Put Lumber Mall Security in the group box in your profile,
  2. Watch the 'cades! Without 'cades this little bbut useful mall is a sitting duck,
  3. Don't be a jackass when speaking! Nobody likes a person who uses too many CAPS and shorthand to make their message need a translator to be read,
  4. Watch out for P/R/Gkers. They are the bane of any mall and as such must be dealt with.
  5. If you witness a crime against anyone or anything in the mall, screenshot it! Evidence is very important and means that you have something to back your case up with.
  6. Loot, Loot, Loot. As part of the zombie outbreak, the law on looting was lifted. So don't be afraid to tell people that the mall is up and running in the suburb for them to come and use. Just don't do it too much, otherwise you may get annoying and then void rule 7.
  7. Be friendly. Going around and being a general jackass isn't exactly the best thing in the world. So instead, just occasionally go round to check on the local buildings, say hi to whoever's in there. (See final expectation for more ways of being friendly)
  8. Common Courtesy Costs Nothing. If you see a newbie or a veteran or anyone needing a FAK then give them a couple (just please fight the urge to say you just FAKed someone however large that urge may be). That newbie you heal today could be one fighting next to you a couple of months down the line. Also, this includes respecting revive points! I.e. not firing upon anyone in them (unless it is a rotter within an outdoor RP).

Got so much rage your bandana, heavy american accent and gun fight in a PD went too far? then just go outside and kill some of the dead. We do kill them when we have to too, but it's oh so nice when you just go outside and lay waste to some of the wandering ferals. This isn't exactly an expectation of a security staff member but gaining XP never hurt anyone (apart from the zombie you are attacking!) and it is useful incase any new skills are added in the future.

So, now that you know the rules you're all set to join in with the rest of the hard working Security staff, you can find them in the Mall Staff room with the knocked out wall to the food court, just remember to pick up your Lumber Mall Staff shirt on the way in!


The Zombie Spy Policy

Well, for this, remember zombies are players too, hence instead of mercilessly killing them we give them 1 chance and one chance only. They are welcome to stay inside Lumber Mall (and won't be killed by us) so long as they don't P/G/RK anyone. Once they do that they are KOS. This policy is only modified when there is a zombie attack imminent and the group that is attacking will be immediately cautioned to leave the mall if they are seen as humans inside. If they are not gone within a time period of 7 hours from the time of the caution then they are to be 'helped' out of the mall.

Criminal Records

Criminal Records can be found in the crimes thread onLMS's forum. We do NOT actively post spraytags announcing the most wanted. If there is something which implicates a person in the mall of being a griefer, it's most likely that it's not from us.
(Though, we might kill you if you're listed on the Rouge Gallery)

The same applies for actions. Legitimate LMS actions regarding the safety of the mall will come with evidence to verify our claims. Please double check your kills against our forum and the rogues gallery! If you still think we're in the wrong then tell us about it and show us some evidence to back up your claim! As you can be sure we'll have ours.


Any groups wishing to affiliate themselves with LMS should leave an application in game or on our forums. Thank you.


LMS is NOT at war with any specific groups. Radio Messages suggesting this are spread by griefers who want to spread confusion.

In regard to the 'feud' which surrounds various LMS members and Bigger Mortice, this is LMS's stance against them. As you can see (if you have looked) it is designed to bring the Pking to a minimum and to raise awareness of some of the actions of said group.