Malton Army of National Liberation

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Ejército Maltano de Liberación Nacional

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Malton Army of National Liberation
Abbreviation: EMLN
Group Numbers: A few.
Leadership: Comandante Alpharius
Goals: The Liberation of Malton
Recruitment Policy: See "Recruitment"
Contact: Our Discussion Page or Forums:[1]


The EMLN is an armed revolutionary group whose goal is to cleanse Malton of it's corrupting influences, protect the rights of smaller groups and liberate the people of Malton from the monster that is the current system of doing things. We believe that the only way to feasibly achieve this goal is through the use of armed propaganda teams and violent public action. We are willing and able to answer any small, independent groups call for aid. We are also prepared to fight any enemy in the name of true freedom. Long a weapon of the weak against the strong, the EMLN makes use of guerrilla tactics.

¡Ya Basta!


An EMLN instructor trains a group in guerrilla warfare.

-The EMLN spreads revolution through the recognition and support of independent small groups. If a group is fighting for freedom and self-determination and requires our help they can just post on our forums and wait for the guerillas to arrive. Likewise, if a larger group is seen as more of a solution than a problem they can expect us to help them in their causes. The ultimate goal of the EMLN is the total awareness, support and freedom of the independent "silent majority".

-The EMLN relies mainly on guerrilla tactics, the greatest weapon of the weak against the strong, allowing us to ignore the handicap of being heavily outnumbered in most engagements. Likewise any ally who we fight beside can count of being taught and encouraged to use guerrilla tactics, if they are interested. Only when victory seems certain and the support of the people is obtained will we engage in open and formal warfare.

-The EMLN makes frequent use of radios, graffiti and in-game speeches to get our message spread. Radios are useful for broadcasting into enemy heavy territory where our guerrilla tactics cannot be put to best use and also for affecting a large population of individuals. Graffiti is used as a warning to the enemy, a recruitment device, and a morale booster. Speeches should be given when large groups of people are present in a certain building, or the guerrilla wants to add that personal touch.

-Comandantes and subcomandantes are elected quarterly through direct democratic election. Anyone may run and be elected as many times as they like. Sargentos are chosen by the squad they lead. Large decisions of the ELMN are made through direct democratic vote, with certain other decisions made by the Commandantes and subcomandantes. However, the group also will take into account the input of other groups on occasion.

-Because of our chosen method of fighting, our members do not put their group affilitation into their profile. Otherwise, we might as well hang a big sign around our necks saying "Shoot me". This is in an effort to keep identities as secret as possible. Any member who wishes to have some sort of uniform can wear a balaclava, gas mask or camoflauge clothing.


"We must create one, two, many Gibsontons!" -Alpharius

The EMLN is open to anyone who is filled with the revolutionary spirit and truly wants to see a change in Malton. The guerilla life is not for everyone, however. Members may be asked to do things that they won't normally do (killing the enemy, for example). As such all players wishing to join should make sure that they fit these prerequisites:

1. The Guerrilla must believe in his cause. If you do not believe in the virtues of the EMLN, then don't join.

2. The Guerrilla must believe that the mission is possible. Guerrilla warfare is in no way a sure victory type of war. Failures will happen, but we must learn from these and not give up. If you don't believe that revolution can be achieved on a large scale, then do not bother joining.

3. The Guerrilla must be loyal to his comrades. Too many alts can create conflict in a very mobile group, and such it is recommended that you not have too many. Traitors and disserters can tear apart a guerilla army more effectively then any number of enemies.

4. The Guerrilla must be willing to sacrifice for the cause. In waging warfare you may be viewed wrongly as a murderer, terrorist, or blowhard. You must weather these accusations if you are to successfully prove them wrong.

To request to join either post on the forums (on the way) or on the talk page.


Emln.png Malton Army of National Liberation
This user believes in a Malton free of oppression and eveloped in freedom. Obliterate the corrupt goverment pigs!

{{EMLN|This user}}


This group is heavily (and I mean heavily) inspired by a movement that I have a great amount of respect for, the Zapatista movement in southern Mexico. The actions of this group do not represent the exact views of that group, and should not affect your view of the EZLN. I hope that they don't mind me borrowing some of their images.

For more info on the EZLN and their message: [2]