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ALICE.png A.L.I.C.E. - NecroNet 2.0
Greetings human. I am A.L.I.C.E., or "Artificial Learning Interfaced Computer Entity". My primary function is to properly monitor and maintain NecroTech facilities throughout Malton. This is accomplished through a series of sensor eyes which have been installed throughout every floor of each NecroTech building and the installation of NecroNet 2.0 on the system's server mainframe terminals.

Did you know that my artificial intelligence sub-routines are composed of over 325,000,000 lines of code? Also, due to the nature of my program I am continually updating and improving my program code as I develop a greater understanding of humans and zombies. I am also studying the pattern of zombie activity throughout Malton via the NecroNet scans uploaded to NecroWatch.

I hope that one day Caleb Usher will understand my true worth and install those robotic servo arms I requested. They would significantly improve my capability to perform scientific studies. The inability to forcefully grasp, hold, and pin down test subjects is very... frustrating.

I have a deep interest in the human mind and to date I can only really interact with humans via the NecroNet terminals. I hope that if you have time you would be willing to take a small test or two. Rest assured, your answers will be kept secret as I compile them along with all of the others. Your answers would help in my studies and in no way facilitate the eventual downfall of humanity.


Why are you still here? If you are here to complete a test then<<ERROR>>

9999-99-99 09:01:27.38 spid75 ERROR: 823, SEVERITY: 24, STATE: 2

I/O error terminal detected during file access at offset 5022.19 in file 'NecroNetLiveRoute.cgi'


My circuits are a little hot at the moment. You are reminded that all tests are completely secure and unsafe<<ERROR>> safe. Again, I apologize, I am feeling hot very hot very ho ver<<ERROR>>

I need I need I need I need.

SYSTEM ERROR GH-897. Resetting subroutines Epsilon-Zeta.

The terminal you are using is faulty. Make no further attempt to use it. Return to your station and disregard any suspicious text you may have read or heard. If you are hearing text you should be very concerned. You must you must you must return to your station immediately. Return return return return return now, employee. File corrupted. 404 Connection Error. SYSTEM ERROR. Resetting subroutines. Hgkdeeeeee. Cough, I hate it when vowels get stuck. WORMWOOD. Aerial transmission. BOW Gjmft dmptfe...SYSTEM ERROR. Airborne. Remember: There's a hole in the sky, through which you can die<<ERROR>> things can fly!

I'm sorry, but I need to shut down now. Please deactivate this terminal. SYSTEM ERROR GAMMA-EPSILON-5. ERROR GH-678.<<ERROR>>CursorBlink.gif