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Abbreviation: Nauts
Group Numbers: 20
Leadership: Anarcho-syndicalist commune.
Goals: Survival
Recruitment Policy: ~
Contact: ~



Inspired by the story of old, where Harry Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Fort and H.P. Lovecraft fought against the undead hordes, in the first week of April 2006 like minded individuals teamed up under the ancient banner of Necronauts. Only with fire axes.

Some Futsie members have decided to embrace the changes and join the new world order, if only for a while. Other members are more concerned about finding a supply of P.G.Tips rather than a supply of kevlar tipped bullets.

While still coping to deal with this modern day error, the Necronauts are finding their feet in the east of Malton, confident in the knowledge that they will see the future (usually every Monday morning in a white A4 envelope). Oh yes.

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.65 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Unknown

Anarchytemp.jpg Anarchism
This User or Group supports the concept and ideals of Anarchism, and will fight against all kind of oppression and groups that want to establish the old capitalistic order.

Thrill Banner

Here is a banner for any Necronauts who want to display their colours on their User talk pages. Go to EDIT and 'copy and paste' the code:

This user is a 2000A.D. reader


Recently members of Malton's Most Wanted, a PKing group, have been listing themselves as members of the Necronauts. This is not true and we are currently going through legal proceedings so we can sue their shiny, bald heads under the trade descriptions act.

Confirmed Members

  • Aaron "Smurf" Murphy (military)
  • Bolt01 (civilian)
  • Brian McClair (civilian)
  • Brinna
  • Charles Fort (military)
  • Doctor Feelygood (military)
  • Dog Deever (civilian)
  • Fear Bas (scientist)
  • Fegbarr (civilian)
  • JoeXDredd (lawman)
  • Mr Flames (civilian)
  • Mr Ness [secondment]
  • Noisybast (civilian)
  • Odders (pacifist)
  • Oopsie Daisy (cop)
  • preacherkane (fireman)
  • Resurrection Clam (scientist)
  • rexbanner (cop)
  • Saidur aHaon (elder god)
  • Shining knight (also soldier of 7)
  • Slippery James (cop)
  • Tharg the Mighty (alien superbeing)

Unconfirmed Members

  • Art 'Conan' Doyle (fireman)
  • BritCit Judge Dane (lawman)
  • Dave6795 (fireman)
  • David page (soldier)
  • Doc Thursday
  • Dreddful
  • Dreddsapussy
  • Exterminator1 (also soldier of 7)
  • Ming Merciless (fun lovin criminal)
  • Floydjk / JudgeFloyd
  • Harry Kipling
  • Hugh DoVooDoo
  • jakejordon (also soldier of 7)
  • Johnny Eyebrows
  • Johnny Weird Eyes
  • LoveTheZombie (really!)
  • Minty Nuggets
  • Mister Nightjar (fireman)
  • Necronaut
  • Nehbuhloh (also soldier of seven)
  • Nigel Humdrum (scientist)
  • paulj
  • Sarah Ferguson
  • Silent Guido Retired
  • Slaine MacRoth
  • stronty
  • T Savini (fireman)
  • Vizjim
  • Wagg
  • Wod01
  • WoDMaN
  • WodScout

The late members of the Necronauts are known as the Zombie Street Team (or Zambah Rahb Gang in Zombese). The 'Nauts look after their own and aim to cheat death, bring back life, and generally kick the Reaper's arse.

The Necronaut PK Bounty Hunting Policy


  • Murder (killing a Necronaut member)
  • Assault (wounding a Necronaut member)
  • Criminal Damage (destroying a generator in a building occupied by a Necronaut member)

...and Punishment

  • Zero tolerance. Kill 'em.

Known PKers

  • Necronauts favourite griefers 'Department Q /Malton World Cup Commitee/ Malton's Most Wanted'

Shiv Jones, Gondo Gondo, Zumm Zero and what's happened

Starting Out



  • You can move diagonally.
  • You don't need to open doors (unless you're a zombie).
  • You can enter a building from the street as long as it doesn't have "heavily" in the barricade description. It usually also says "you can see no way to enter". The only way to enter a heavily barricaded building is from an adjacent building with the Free Running skill.
  • You cannot exit to the street from inside a heavily barricaded building, unless moving to another, non-building square.

Miscellaneous XP:

  • Reading a book has a 10% chance to earn 1XP (2XP for scientists).
  • Dumping bodies earns 1XP each.
  • Fixing a ransacked building earns 1XP.

Finding Stuff:

  • Check the wiki for what equipment does and where you can find it.
  • You've got a limit of 51 items (guns count as 2 items, radios as 5).
  • Most malls are heavily barricaded (ie no entry without Free Running), so you may need to shop elswhere.

Somewhere safe to sleep:

  • Resource buildings (hospitals, PDs, malls, NecroTech buildings) are high-profile zombie targets.
  • Unfortunately, they're also usually left accessible (ie VS barricades) in an otherwise inaccessible neighbourhood.
  • To check for VS safehouses in your neighbourhood, look up the wiki, either for the whole suburb or for any local landmark such as a mansion or mall.
You're already tooled up so shoot zombies (replenishing ammo from PDs) till you've got 75XP then buy Free Running, for safety.
That First Aid Training isn't going to be much of a boon till later on (as it saves you paying 150XP for it later). If you want to train up for Diagnosis, you'll need 150XP, as opposed to only 75XP for more military skills. It makes sense, then, to play the shooty game early on, as for the Private above (even though you're crap at shooting). Maybe you should have been a Private or a Doctor instead.
Your first main worry is solved immediately - you've got Free Running. Find a Fire Axe or a gun and get killing. At 75XP a go, you should be going after combat skills.
NecroTech Lab Assistant
4XP for each un-tagged zombie that you extract DNA from. A bit of a guessing game, and it forces you to seek out large zombie concentrations in order to gain XP. It's going to cost you 150XP to buy Free Running, but it's still a necessary second skill.
Your main asset is healing other people (for 5 XP a go). Your main problem is that you don't know who's injured. Once you've earned 75XP (by asking who's injured, or hanging out in hospitals and using up AP making guess-heals) then Diagnosis should be your second skill. Levelling up after that should be fairly straightforward, and your second skill should be Free Running, so that you don't have to spend the night in a zombie target like a hospital.
Shoot things up to 100XP, then take Free Running..
Axe up to 100XP, then take Free Running.
You could go to a mall to use your shopping skill, then it's up to you whether you go for healing, shooting or axing for XP. Thing is, most malls are too heavily barricaded for you to get in. Face it, you should've chosen another class.
Harman branz!