Printable Map of Malton

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This map is "printer friendly" in that it has a high enough resolution to print well, but is small enough in terms of memory to print quickly. The colors on this map are NOT the "Malton Standard Colors" you would see on your game screen or on most web maps. Instead, the colors are selected to print nicely without using up to much ink, and to use

roughly equal amounts of each ink color. The light colors also make it easier to see notes you make on the map. Hopefully they are also logical choices; yellow and brown for industrial zones, green for health zones, red for fire, blue for police and school, purple for church.
Using this map is simple. Just open the image in its own browser window and print it out, being sure to use the portrait mode and "shrink to fit" settings.
. . . swiers BigEYEwitnessLOGO.png 18:18, 3 July 2007 (BST)

Printable Map of Malton.png