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Originally beginning as a military group, the Roftwood Elite was the pinnacle of pro survivor military organization in the greater Roftwood area. However after countless clashes with the zombie menace, the RE’s embattled leadership came to the epiphany that long term tactical and strategic dominance was a path of futility.

As if inspiration coming from Kevan’s cloudy abode, it was members like Kain Markko that illuminated the path of the RE’s future. Instead of solely focusing on being the Elite of military services, the Roftwood Elite would be the premier practitioners of their hearts desires - and that was... food!

Catch this crazy kitchen crew roaming all around Roftwood and it's greater area in their post-apocalyptic Mad Max-style food truck cooking with only the finest zombie meat hunted locally right here in Malton!

Do understand that collecting this prized meat is no easy task and often requires exposure to real danger. Teamwork and attitude are fundamental into keeping the kitchen and food Elite. Our cooks are seasoned veterans in this business.


Below is a ranked list of people who have proven themselves as especially extraordinary.


Benigno [1]

Active Servicemen

Indiana Jone [2]

Jason Prescott [3]

Kain Markko [4]

Darth Elisj [5]

doofus217 [6]

Thaddeus Grundel [7]

In-active Servicemen

MarcusCamby [8] aka "The Camby Man"

Specinef [9]

Wolfgang Friedrich [10]

Doc Spalding [11] aka "The Checkmate"

leafpine [12] aka "The Accountant"

Triggerhappy555 [13]

Kevar [14] aka "Ninja"

AdryanK [15] aka "King Baby"

Karsyth [16] aka "The Reaper"

ChipChompers [17] aka "Tombstone"

Briggsby [18]

Sir Guy Manning [19] aka "The Aristocrat"

Scaarr [20] aka "The Victor Royale"

JerzyJJ [21] aka "Sunnyside"

Austinthej [22] aka "Stone Cold"

DeadJi [23] aka "The Ghost Jedi"

Paul Henderson [24] aka "Battlehawk"

Samuel Willard [25] aka "The Preacher"

Retired Servicemen

ZombGG [26] aka "The Director"

MALTEL Fuel Bot 3L1Z [27] aka "Nightlight"

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