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Shoot the messenger

Say you're a zed and you happen to find a nice building to de-barricade. You're living the good life; Sleeping in the streets, eating whomever passes by and maybe spreading a little zombie love to those barricades. And boom, along comes a harman with a needle that puts a stop to your zombie hippie-fest. What do you do?

Well, you could hop in a building and take the express elevator to zombie town. Or you could find a few zed buddies to share the love with. But, that won't discourage those pesky harmanz from sticking another needle in you, would it?

Shoot the messenger is a tactic to directly deal with combat revives. The plan is simple:

1. Slip into a human building

2. Find the reviver responsible

3. Return the favor.

Let him (or her) experience the Zed life for a little while.

Best Practices

This tactic does not promote PK'ing except in the case of the reviver. It is highly suggested that that practitioners of this tactic clearly state the intention of the PK before killing the reviver. The former zombie should then return to his zombie ways.

Practitioners are encouraged to spend a little time as a harman in order to get the skills and equipment necessary to quickly and efficiently bust a cap in a reviver. Revivers frequently move after a revive. You don't want to spend too much time looking for them.


Combat revives can and do happen. It's not this tactic's intention to say that combat revives are evil or a bad practice. In fact, this tactic supports that it is a valid anti-zombie tactic. This is an in-game way of balancing the tactic.


Just use {{Shoot the messenger}} to add this template to your page.

Shootmess.jpg Shoot the Messenger
This user or group follows the strategy of Shoot the Messenger.

Combat reviving this user's character is a good way to eat a bullet.