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Abbreviation: SLP
Group Numbers: 1
15 Personalities
Leadership: SillyLillyPilly
Goals: PK everyone, silly!
Recruitment Policy: Characters named SillyLillyPilly
Contact: SLP, duh!

Had a bad trip?

Hi sleepyhead! Please update your contact list. Then goto and leave a message on the board with your email and user id# then we will send you our forum and chat page links. Even if your not feelin very silly I still love to hear from you.

April 2008

I have started a SillyLillyPilly forum, so find me and we can do our silly, girly chat. Then log in to enjoy the perks of being us. Just for us sillys.

March 2008

I am so impressed with all of our fabulous work. All over Malton I've been hearing about SillyLilliPilly. You are so cute. Have a bon bon and a towel to clean off your axe. I love the SLP Flower pin on your jumper. It looks super cute on you. Sharing is fun, PKing is funNER. Try to pick up cell phones, see wiki items list for details, silly. A little tag never hurt and can help people remember how cute you are.

SLP, Still Strong and Super Cute! (Feb 08)

Contact me for Fun and Destruction. add 1099535 to your contacts and get a cell phone. Also look for tags with SLP in them eg. Somebody has spray painted themselves "Silver, Lilac & Pink" and pressed onto a wall. Peace and love to the high level SLPs who quickly and throughly made us so well known and feared. Happy Hunting and Cute Outfits!

Need Contacts! (July 07)

If any other Lillys are still active, please add 1099535 to your contacts! See you at the Blood Parade...

Girls....get Mobile Phones (Tech Store/Mall), this is really important if we want join up for a happy slaughter!!!!!!!

Have A Great Death!

SillyLillyPilly is a fun-loving cute PKer who wants nothing less than the total destruction of Malton's survivors!


  1. PKing is the ONLY challenge left in UrbanDead!
  2. One hot hippie against all of Malton! Join me!
  3. PKing is fun!
  4. Being a cute, cheerful annoying serial killer is fun!
  5. Player Killing is more than a hobby - it is the greatest adventure in Urban Dead.
  6. Zombies are players - therefore we are ALL Player Killers!

How can I join?

Start a new character named SillyLillyPilly.

Her description must be:

Silly Lilly Pilly is a smoking hot hippie.  Her stitched bell bottom pants are blood stained.

Try to find other SLPs to work together. You are a much more effective PKer when you work with other PKers! Player Killing is more than a hobby - it is the greatest adventure in Urban Dead.

When creating your character - set her web site to this wiki page (see SLP#1 for example).

Don't forget to add the other SLPs to your contacts! ^_^

How can we all have the same name?

Easy. The lower case letter "l" (ell) and the upper case letter "I" (eye) look almost exactly the same in Urban Dead's font.

There are 255 different names that will look identical in UD font.

Here are a few:

  1. SillyLillyPilly - (UD Profile)
  2. SiIIyLiIIyPiIIy - (UD Profile)
  3. SillyLillyPiIly - (UD Profile)
  4. SillyLillyPiIIy - (UD Profile)
  5. SiIlyLiIlyPiIly - (UD Profile)
  6. SiIIyLiIIyPilIy - (UD Profile)
  7. SillyLilIyPiIIy - (UD Profile)
  8. SillyLiIlyPilly - (UD Profile)
  9. SillyLillyPilly - (UD Profile)
  10. SillyLilIyPiIIy - (UD Profile)
  11. SillyLiIlyPilIy - (UD Profile)
  12. SillyLillyPiIly - (UD Profile)
  13. SillyLillyPiIly - (UD Profile)
  14. SiIIyLiIIyPiIly - (UD Profile)
  15. SiIlyLilIyPilly - (UD Profile)

The SLP Fear Responce

Curious about the impact you're having on Milton girl? Come check out your Fear and Loathing Page and see how Milton's finest, scared of your very name, feel they have to gun you down even when you're level 1.

What does SillyLillyPilly do?

  1. First, get to level 10 or so. You should have several combat skills such as Advanced Pistol & Shotgun.
  2. Find other SillyLillyPilly-s.
    1. How? Get a Cellphone and add me as a contact.
  3. Work together to kill players.
  4. Taunt the players before they die. For example,
    1. "Have a great death! :)"
    2. "SillyLillyPilly says Peace, Love, and Harmony! :)"
    3. "SillyLillyPilly loves Moonbeams, long walks on the beach, and your dead body! :)"
    4. "Oopsie - did I slash you with my axe? Sorry! :)"
    5. "Did that hurt? I think I have a Barbie band-aid. :)"
Hat.jpg Honor Among Thieves
This user or group supports the Honor Among Thieves Policy & finds that PKing is more fun when only innocents suffer.


Yes, many.