Sons of DARIS

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The Sons of DARIS
The heavily compressed flag of the Sons of DARIS
Abbreviation: SoD
Group Numbers: Claimed to be several hundred, actual number unknown.
Leadership: a mysterious former DARIS member
Goals: Destruction and chaos, the murder of innocents and the establishment of a city-wide DARIS regime.
Recruitment Policy: Unknown, presumed to be through various underground channels
Contact: Unknown

Although formed sometime in November, the Sons of DARIS remained a mystery until December. Working in secret for weeks, they eventually revealed themselves shortly after the establishment of the new Council of Leaders. Directly opposed to the CoL and all other groups in Malton, they are a group of violent, fascist Neo-Nazi youths led by a secretive mastermind who organises the death and destruction from some secret hideout. Rumours abound that this leader is none other than the last surviving member of DARIS, out for revenge against the entire city.

Support for this group is growing among the disillusioned youths of Malton, who see the Council of Leaders and other groups as undeserving of such authority. They are tempted by the promises of democracy and votes for all by the Sons of DARIS, who set about training them up and turning them into mindless killing machines, brainwashed soldiers for a cause they didn't sign up for. There have been sightings of squads of these youths (known colloquially as "bloodshirts" due to the informal uniform of red clothing they all wear) all over the city, from Lockettside to Pimbank to Dulston. There have been many murders in those areas, but until recently they could not be successfully tied to the Sons of DARIS beyond a shadow of a doubt. Now they have openly admitted to having "deathsquads" that go on "sanitation runs" in order to keep Malton "pure" of those who oppose the group.

The group has yet to release a formal manifesto about what their plans for the future are. Some members of the CoL speculate they are waiting until one of them has learnt how to write.