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General Topics


The news events are listed in a weird way. September 2006 comes after December 2006, but February 2006 comes before December 2006. I know the news articles are arranged chronologically descending. Isn't the February portions supposed to be 2007? --User:Black35 12:34, 6 March 2007

Ha-ha. Yes. I admit that the 2006/2007 mistake was mine. It was pretty hectic back during the Mall Tour '07 attack on Dulston. I had to post news updates on 4 suburbs, 3-4 locations (not to mention Treweeke Mall), and then last minute posts on the revive point locations. As you can see, mistakes were made. Thanks for pointing it out though. I've corrected the year for the two most recent news posts. --Mobius187 March 6 2007, 7:54 AM (EST)

Revive Point Killing (RPKing)

If you are not a criminal (i.e. PKer) and do not have Brain Rot, but were killed while a zombie at this revive point by another survivor, please file a report here. In this way chronic RPKers can be tracked, warned, and if they persist, punished. Note that a zombie killing another zombie at an RP is not RPKing, but rather ZKing. This is not a crime, but when done against an innocent undead survivor it's general considered the attacker is a douchebag. I mean seriously. Just stop it.

Reported Crime

If you can, please post the character profiles here. The Dulston Alliance considers RPKing a misdemeanor offence, meaning it requires a person to be notified 4 times that they have committed this crime before they can be punished. The goal is to try and dissuade them from behaving improperly. Once they have been properly warned, but persist for a 5th kill against a lawful zombie at an RP, then they are treated as PKers. --Mobius187 22:22, 3 December 2007 (UTC)