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What is the Treaty Of Orion?

The Treaty Of Orion, can be explained as one of many things. It in basic terms is an agreement of all whom sign the document of a cease fire among each other while, a zombie tour and or bash occurs. This is a good way for groups to work together with one goal in mind survival. This treaty is for the Pro-Survival groups everywhere. Sorry zombie hordes, that leaves you out!

Why should I sign it?

You should look into signing the treaty for safety and the well being of Malton. One thing you need to keep in mind, if all the groups (Survival groups) have their own political goals for Malton in mind, that is fine. How ever the treaty makes sure that all the under signed have one common goal, to rebuild Malton at the time of the breach and or destruction.

What about Player Killers?

Well the player killers are always going to be in Malton, no real work around. The treaty will give you the know who to trust, what groups are doing and if you guys indeed share a common goal and you do of course work together to get it done. The PKers will always be around just be sure to tag them on Rogues Gallery or even add to the PKers list on the Treaty Of Orions Gallery page.

What if we want to add to the Treaty?

This is always going to be possible! Among allied groups you have more then your right to add to the treaty. But remember all groups and under signed must agree to the change before it comes into play.

The Treaty

It's simple and straight forward. We all work together to restore Malton, in a positive fashion where all players a like can enjoy themselves in a playable atmosphere. We also wish to push the zombies back from which they came from, in this case being "hell". As an Under signed you agree to working side to side with other groups and or people of the treaty or common goals to make Malton a safe place for newbies, yourself or any other person with the exception of zombies. As of now we must agree on barricading buildings to a secure level which lower level players can run and hide into. EHB buildings are allowed, but keep in mind it would be preferred if you placed these barricades next to buildings that survivers can get into for people with the free running ability. This is also an agreement to pit survivers with keeping and maintaining barricades at the same time as destroying or laying down the law of the treaty against Zergs. As an under signed you agree on not PKing unless attacked upon first, with eyes to the don't shoot until shot at. As well this treaty mentions that all players must see that the Lower level players are looked after.

END OF TREATY As of and signed by: -- Rogue  Sergeant Sarge1.png 15:30, 23 March 2008 (UTC)