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Gary was born in St. Luke’s Hospital and raised in Tapton. His mother, Julia, was the daughter of German immigrants, his dad, Alex, was Scottish. He has two younger brothers, James, 4 years younger, and Ian, ten years younger.

His love of West Grayside developed early on as Gary went to Ledamun Plaza School and, as every good kid does, hung out at Poll Mall drinking slurpies and munching cookies.

At the tender age of 8, Gary was knocked from his bicycle by a bus resulting in a broken arm and a broken jaw. Though both injuries healed well, Gary was left with two things: a scar running along his left lower jaw from the corner of his mouth which creates the impression that Gary is permanently wearing a lopsided grin, and a deep dislike of public transport.

At the age of ten, a week after his second brother was born, the McBanes were hit by tragedy. Gary’s father, a construction worker, suffered an accident on the building site he was working on. While working on an embankment, a large digger which had not been properly secured toppled over and crushed the container used as an office and tea hut by the workers. Three men, including Alex McBane, found themselves trapped inside the container, which was being pushed down under the mud of the building site by the weight of the digger. The container cracked open and was flooded by the mud. By the time the emergency services had lifted the digger clear, all three men had choked to death on sodden earth.

The McBanes were, naturally, devastated. Though most of the family recovered, James remained severely traumatised and suffers from depression. Most of the time he is away in a special clinic near London for treatment. For Gary, the moment turned out to be formative. After coming to terms with the death of his father, Gary decided to join the emergency services himself and became a fireman, specialising in recovery of accident victims and structural analysis for building and construction-site safety.

Gary is also a semi-professional wrestler (not show-wrestling but the Olympic discipline type), but his most defining characteristic is his habit of telling stupid jokes - and collapsing in hysterics every time he does so.

At the time the outbreak occurred, Gary was employed by Malton and based at Sherston Grove Fire Station in Tapton. His mother Julia and youngest brother Ian were visiting friends in Scotland and James was at the clinic. Gary thus has no family in Malton and hopes that his mother and brothers still believe him to be alive.

Having lost everyone he ever called a friend to the zombie virus, Gary was close to despairing when he came across the Grayside Demons. They offered him a place in their midst (as well as cookies) but - more importantly - gave him purpose once more. He now roams the streets of Malton humming the Demons’ theme tune, repairing damaged buildings and protecting the innocent and the weak from the terrors of the undead and the large contingent of lunatics now lurking in the once quiet and lovable town.

Group: Grayside Demons
Position: Jester
Area: West Grayside
HQ: Gass Plaza Railway Station
Objective: To protect and rebuild. And to tell stupid jokes.
Civilian (level 21) Gary McBane
Joined: 2007-10-01
Character Details: Urban Dead profile
Rank: Civilian (level 21)
Character Class: Firefighter
Favorite Equipment: Toolbox
Favorite Weapon: Fire axe
Backup Weapon: Pistol
Current Status: Actively seeking conspiracy
Location: West Grayside
Current Level: 21
Kills: I ain’t counting.
Revives: A couple.
Deaths: Rather a lot, really.
Group: Grayside Demons
Journal: n/a
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Revive point: a cemetery (52,83) east of
St Timothy's Church in West Grayside.