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(A little note: It says Isaac Tiberius, but I have changed to a new main, Jerrack)

You can call me Jerrack. I favor healing, reviving, and occupying safe buildings for people to have a safe place to hide. This has not been done yet, but it is my current mission. To most of you, this next thing will either confuse you, or anger you, as many don't like it;

Killing is not on the top of my list. Like I have told many zombies, "I'll pet you outside, but if you come close to the doors, I'll pop a bullet in your mouth." I simply ask first, shoot later, even if I die. But thankfully, I'm not a stone-cold survivor and oh-so serious as them. I roleplay, as simple as that. I do apologize if you don't like that, I do apologize if I do not take your advice. I have my own mission, and it'll be a fun one with (human-controlled) enemies out there. Hope to see some friendly faces out there!

I'll be making my own group soon. It will be more or less a solo group. It just shows who I am, also so it can (hopefully) be listed in the Suburb page. It will simply show that I have a Spawn Zone, Revive Point, and Safe Zone. Now I know, I full well know that zombies will kill my efforts, which what makes it fun and interesting. But before I can do all that, I need to level up!

Malton Safe Zone Security

Jerrack is the Chief for this group, and actively tries to help and aid other survivors when possible.
Malton Safe Zone Security
Jerracks Formal Attire

Medic cross.jpg Angels Wing
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Redcrosssmall.jpg Doctor
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Maltonsafe.png Malton Safe Zone Security
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