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~ Peppardville ~
~ Edgecombe ~

70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79
45 The Howdell Monument Kemball Avenue Denbury Square The Wheals Arms Gaffney Crescent Crees Drive The Way Monument Mussell Way Russell Row a carpark 45
46 Swaine Towers The Marks Building Kray Towers Baring Lane Albyn Bank a junkyard a carpark The Kitchingman Monument Raikes Bank Sebright Drive Railway Station 46
47 a factory Keirl Towers Higley Crescent The Snee Arms The Gibbons Building St. Helena's Church Nositer Drive Fire Station The Canning Motel Category:History Fort Creedy 47
48 Midelton Drive The Terdre Hotel Dodington Auto Repair wasteland a junkyard Meyrick Plaza Police Department Fennessy Place Police Department Tennear Bank Category:History the Armoury 48
49 the Sage Building The Hancox Building Beele Boulevard Railway Station The Parry Motel Wilkin Boulevard Cheatle Avenue Kinsman Cinema St. Benedict's Hospital Category:History Fort Creedy 49
50 wasteland Tayler Row Copless Grove Railway Station Sargent Crescent Dummett Alley Club Guilford wasteland a junkyard Club Noake a warehouse 50
51 Morrow Lane The Browne Building a junkyard Whitehead Park The Fruin Building Twitt Plaza a warehouse St. Laurence's Hospital Hussey Lane Mattravers Cinema 51
52 Hardisty Auto Repair Abot Towers Cadbury Bank Tredger Towers The Prankerd Building Lintorn Park Vale Towers a factory Clapcott Cinema a junkyard 52
53 Moon Way wasteland The Peek Arms a warehouse Muirhead Drive Pavy Plaza Police Department Digby Walk The Baxter Building Wenmouth Lane Lawley Walk Railway Station 53
54 a junkyard Rathbone Cinema Gynn Bank The Blencowe Arms a warehouse wasteland a warehouse The Caffin Building Stanbridge Park Vine Grove School 54
70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79
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