Vantar's Safehouse

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Vantar's Safehouse
Abbreviation: VSH
Group Numbers: 4
Leadership: Vantar
Goals: To secure the safehouse and surrounding area
Recruitment Policy: Just find the house
Contact: Talk with Vantar

General Information

Vantar's safehouse is a factory somewhere in Malton set up to serve as a bed and breakfast for the battle-weary survivors. Vantar tries to keep a powered generator and radio transmitter available to all that stop in as well as medical and revival treatment as needed in exchange for following the rules of his safehouse.

Current Status

27 April 2011 A long streak of non activity has been ended by the PKing of a CDF member by GruntMarco, information on his current whereabouts is requested to better educate him on safe house neutrality.

Rules for All Guests

To keep some form of order in his safe house Vantar requires all guests to adhere by some simple rules:

  • Do not kill any human who is sleeping under the protection of Vantar's Safehouse
    This rule is simple, it's does not matter what your reason for killing them would be, Vantar has gone to great lengths to protect this area from the zombies so have some respect and keep it safe. This rule is extended to bounty hunters as well. If there is someone sleeping that you feel the need to kill tell Vantar, he and only he will take the necessary steps to grant justice in the disputes that happen under his roof.
  • Do not plan to kill from within the safehouse

To preserve a neutral state we now require all to refrain from planing out raids from with in the safehouse.

  • Vantar's Safehouse is neutral

See Safehouse Neutrality.

  • Do not post the location of the safe house

This rule is simple but important.

  • If you break something please replace it or fix it

If you can't at least say that you broke it, be responsible for your actions, the radio transmitter is for everyone's use don't, be the one to ruin it for everyone.

  • There is no reason for the barricades to go below extremely heavily barricaded

Also the generator should be refilled when it gets low on fuel.

  • Vantar's word is final

If he asks you to move along please do so, most times he only will ask you to leave if you are endangering yourself or others by your actions.

Safehouse Neutrality

The Safehouse Neutrality rules apply only to the inner of the factory that is Vantars Safehouse, since neutral is subjective the finer points of it have been explained here:

Pker Neutrality

For the safehouse to remain a safe place for all those in side not only must it be zombie-proofed but it must also be free from all forms of PKing. In order to keep PKing down we have insisted on total neutrality meaning that under no circumstance is any non-zombie inside of Vantar's Safehouse to be killed. The one issue this rule has created is that a number of Pkers have realized that they can avoid bounty hunters by sleeping here. While Vantar would prefer his safehouse nor gaining a reputation as a restpoint of murders, the majority of all admitted Pkers that sleep here have respected our neutrality and abstained from killing and planning raids with other guests while staying with us. The offer made to Pkers is simple, if you don't kill anyone while inside the safehouse you will be treated like any other survivors.

Bounty Hunter Neutrality

Sadly almost all violations of our neutrality as been at the hands of bounty hunters. This does make a little senses as there is a rather large number of pkers sleeping here but despite this we request that bounty hunters staying here abstain from collecting any bounties from the inside of Vantar's Safehouse. The offer made to bounty hunters in exchange for not killing anyone while inside Vantar's Safehouse you will receive the same treatment as any other guest, If you have reason to believe that a pker is inside speak with Vantar and some means of justice will be reached as long as you ask and receive a response before any hostile action is made, also Vantar's safehouse makes a good place for in-game trials as long as any executions are held elsewhere.

Group Neutrality

Vantar's safehouse is not a part of any other group. We will respect all other group's policies as best as possible while maintaining our neutrality provided that group respects our neutrality. We request that no group tries to establish a controlling majority. Any group may recruit from with in the safe house as long as they do not claim to be affiliated with Vantar's safehouse and that they do not cover the graffiti that labels Vantar's Safehouse

Zombie Neutrality

The safety of Vantar's safehouse does not extend that far to the undead. If you are a regular guest at the safehouse you might be revived if wait outside but it is almost as likely to get you shot. The Sacred Ground Policy is also observed by the safehouse but other than that there are few if any other cases of safehouse-undead neutrality.


27 June 2010 Just who's safehouse is this? Clive Brocbury would like you to think it is his. After defiling the safe house neutrality by murdering Vantar, he has claimed the safehouse for his own. Guests seeking a safe haven are suggested to head to a less contested location.

June 3, 2010 After some time adventuring Malton (and a rumored brief escape from the quarantine zone) Vantar has returned to the safehouse. Guests are welcome and the cades are extremely strong so stop by sometime.

In July 2008 I left my safehouse and escaped from Malton, It has been my hope that someone would keep the peace in my safehouse while I was away. Until such a time where someone takes my place or I return, guests seeking accommodations are recommended to try McCloud's Pub or any of the other safehouses in the area.

4 July 2008 Unrest in the suburb continues resulting in ever increasing break ins, visitors are advised to head to McCloud's Pub until the safe house is more secure. The opening a Monroeville branch is also being considered.

10 January 2008 Misunderstanding results in accidental pking in safehouse,

1 December 2007 Vantar's Safehouse is safe and sound, and being maintained by Vantar and a few friendly survivors.

4 November 2007 The Militant Order of Barhah visited and were in ruin (again)

30 July 2007 (BST) A few days after rebuilding everything has gotten back to normal

18 July 2007 (BST) Zombies outnumber survivors 4 to 33, things look bleak.

3 July 2007 (BST) Safehouse retaken, restocked and reinhabited, swing by if you're in the area

28 June 2007 (BST) Zombies have taken the safehouse

31 May 2007 (BST) A few break ins by zombies but the cads are holding and things are good

6 May 2007- Nothing going on, only a few zombies in the area.

27 April 2007- Sadly a run of 4 odd months without a Pking has come to an end, It appears to be the result of a tragic mix up and diplomats have been sent to both groups involved.

9 March 2007- Some artifacts are being stored inside for safe keeping, all piece will be guarded closely and hopeful returned to the museums they originated from after the city is retaken and life returns to normal.

23 February 2007- Generator dismantled as number of zombies in the area increases.

11 February 2007- Our Christmas lights were attacked and destroyed a few days ago but moral still seems to be good.

23 December 2006- Raid by the Minions of the Apocalypse just before Christmas the raid has lead to some questions about the safety of maintaining a generator as for the time being we have dismantled our generator and it's return is unlikely

19 November 2006-After a long negotiation with the Creedy Defense Force the shaky agreement with them has been broken. The CDF has stated that they will no longer respect our neutrality and have recommended for our group to disband or move out. We have decided to remain open but we warn all visitors who have personal wars with the CDF that there is little we can do to protect you.

Support the Safehouse

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This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.