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Gayplayerkiller.jpg Gay Player Killer
"Draw your long rifles out of your trousers, girls, we are going to burst some juice all over this place !"

This user is a Gay Player Killer and supports the act of gayingly killing other players.

Gay predator.jpg Gay PK Count
Clive Brocbury has gayingly PKed 22 people.

-12/07/10, at [81,48], around 22h00 GMT : Jorgmund, lvl 28 civilian

-06/07/10, at [72,42], around 11h00 GMT : Maeslom, lvl 21 scientist

-03/07/10, at [72,42], around 09h00 GMT : Peerless leader, Level 25 Military

-29/06/10, at [72,42], around 10h30 GMT : Runemasteryx, lvl 41 civilian.

-26/06/10, at [72,42], around 09h00 GMT : Vantar is dead.

-18/06/2010 : Ari Vestergaard, lvl 41 mil, at [59,10] : boring guy who wanted to teach others how to play :)

(-06/06/10, at [72,42] (Vantar's SafeHouse), around 13H00 GMT : Vantar, lvl 41 civ, who healed me during the night. I left him when he reached 12 AP, I need to come back for him !)

-05/06/10, around 12H00 GMT : Shot Aidan Benet, lvl 41 military, at [70,47].

-03/06/10, around 09H00GMT : double kill : metal chick, level 17 I don't know what in the lower-right corner of my usual mall, and at [76;30] Duchess Fefe, lvl 28 Scientist.

-08/05/10, around 10H00GMT, at [77,31] : Leroy Jenkem, lvl 41 military.

-04/05/10, around 11h00 GMT at [69,29] : Lucyjan, level 35 civilian. I had to finish him with my fire axe. Moreover, following the Mr Chopchop incident, I have a whole group behind me. I'm so afraid I've already forgotten their name ^^

-30/04/10, around 8h30 GMT at [77;31] : Mr Chopchop, lvl 21 civ. The guy killed the previous night two of my fellow PKers, but left me alive. I got aware of that, and, assuming he had ran out of AP, I stayed in the house with him, waiting for my own APs to restore. At the morning, as I had something like 35 APs, I killed him.

-29/04/10, around 14h GMT at [76,29] : double kill in the Mall. Buster Witwicky, level 41 civ, and FiveSeven0, level 23 mil.

-21/04/10, around 10h30 GMT, at [60,17] : double kill in the PD, first one was Wogdog, level 23 military, and other was Zeek Bile, level 9 civilian. All shot with my guns.

-13/04/10, around 10 GMT : Murdered Sam Weller, level 10 civilian, after he healed me. Guy complained and posted a screenshot : Thank you for the souvenir buddy :)

-Two more strikes in early April, in different Police HQ. First guy was called farell, other something like 1-YETI (all the rounds I fired hit for him, so I used only a very few AP). I discovered the revenge was often quick to come, so I run as far as possible after my forfeits.

-Thrid strike, 25/03/10, around 16h45 GMT. Tisonboy, level 10 military, coordinates 61-34. Was the higher level 50 HP character available in the building. Started him by blasting my 4 loaded shotgun rounds (two hits, guy had a Flak Jack), finished him with FA. Escaped screaming something like "MWAHAHAHAHAH" :)

-Second strike, 21/03/10, around 22h45 GMT : Albert W, Level 41 Military. Happened at Club Priscott [50,41]. Slightly wound (more than 55 HP). Opened with my two last shotgun rounds (bastard had a flak jacket), finished with axe.

First strike so deadly : 20/03/10, around 19h00 GMT : first kill, 2 rounds of shotgun missed, achieved with an axe. Was some military man, level 24 I think, did forget to check his name/GPS coordinates. Was level 5 when happened, passed to level 6 with it. (later the guy found and killed me. I confirm level).