Zombie Pacifist Accord

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Zombiepacifist.jpg Zombie Pacifist Accord Supporter
This User or Group supports the Zombie Pacifist Accord & promises to not harm survivors while in Zombie Status.

What is the Zombie Pacifist Accord?

The ZPA is a counter-measure to Survivors being suspected of being zombie spies. It also helps delineate between zombies that wish to stay zombies and those that want to be revived. The Zombie Pacifist Accord officially rejects the practice of combat revives.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of the ZPA is to establish a code of conduct for recently "zombified" survivors, as well as eliminate Death Cultist activity. This agreement recognizes that from time to time, survivors will become zombies and will use their experience points on zombie skills, which are not universally bad things. This pact allows for flexibility in acquiring zombie skills without being labeled a zombie spy, death cultist, pker, gker, or otherwise.

With the help of many survivors, we will be able to distinguish between survivors who have spent XP on zombie skills when they've maxed out survivor skills and survivor's with less honorable intentions.

Is there something special to put in my zombie description so that people know I'm not going to harm them and they should not harm me?

Yes. Please put this in you zombie descriptions: "Please revive. I am a participant in the Zombie Pacifist Accord. I promise to not harm survivors while in Zombie Status."

What are the punishments for survivors/zombies that violate this agreement?

Any participant that abuses the system will be warned once verbally. Any violations afterward will mandate the addition of the violator to any and all pk lists that will accept reports of zombies who kill. It is against the policies of at least two major PK lists (Brainstock, Resensitized) to accept such reports.