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And as things fell apart
Nobody paid much attention

Memories of Life is a zombie skill which allows the player to open the doors of an unbarricaded building whilst a zombie. It is also perhap the most important 'gateway' skill for zombie players, being prerequisite skill for Death Rattle, Feeding Groan, Ransack, and Flailing Gesture. Like all zombie skills, Memories of Life costs players of all character clases 100 Experience Points (XP) to purchase.


Memories of Life is deceptively important skill—whilst its only self-contained purpose is to mitigate what is generally seen as a serious issue for zombie players, namely that of closed doors, its value increases in that it grants further access to Death Rattle, Feeding Groan and Ransack, all of which are vital skills.

Given the sheer simplicity of Memories of Life, most of the information surrounding it is essentially information on doors themselves. Of note, however, is the fact that survivors, who do not need to interact with doors to enter buildings, cannot open doors by any means. In addition, doors cannot merely be opened as an action by themselves, only opening upon entering (not leaving) a building. Doors closed after being opened require another zombie to enter the building to be opened again, or one inside to leave and return—this becomes an issue with Feeding Drag, as survivors cannot currently be dragged out whilst the door is closed.

In addition this skill allows zombies to "defile graffiti" covering it with gore and rendering it illegible to passing players and zombies until it is cleaned up.

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