38th Civil Engineering Squadron

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38th Civil Engineering Squadron
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Abbreviation: 38th CES
Group Numbers: 9
Leadership: Col John Maddox
Goals: Engineering and Combat Support of Malton's Survivors
Recruitment Policy: Open, see below
Contact: AirForceBombSquad@yahoo.com

The 38th Civil Engineering Squadron is a force of Combat Readiness engineers, EOD specialists, HAZMAT specialists, Civil Engineers, Command and Control specialists, and is supplemented by a detachment of Force Protection and Medical Services personnel.

The 38th CES is based out of Charleston AFB, South Carolina (USA.) It falls under the command of the 437th Mission Support Group, 437th Airlift Wing. It is currently in detachment status and assigned to USAFE.


The 38th CES was first founded as the Maddox/Dead Alliance in early 2006. The 'clan' was formed by six flat-mates, led by John "Ivan" Maddox. The clan never made much of an impact because of the server's 160 hit rate limit, leaving only three members able to play in any one day period. To streamline things, a few members purchased extra ISP lines and all six members were able to begin play. When this occurred, the Maddox/Dead Alliance was renamed 9th Air Force, and an attempt was made to codify the group's rank and chain of command. This worked well until John was deployed with the 20th Fighter Wing (USAF) to Iraq in support of OIF III.

Force Structure

The 38th CES currently parades as a single flight of 9 members. The flight forms as three elements and a command element.


The Command element is formed by the CO, XO, Command Chief, and Squadron First Sergeant.

  • Commanding Officer: Colonel John "Ivan" Maddox
  • Executive Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Tinker Maddox
  • Command Chief Master Sergeant: Vacant
  • First Sergeant: MSgt Sean Dead


AFOc5.jpg The Engineering element is formed by all engineers in the squadron. The element is led by the senior NCO or Officer in the element.

  • Element Leader: 1LT Richard Maddox
  • Members: MSgt Sean Dead, SrA Eric Dead, AMN Anthony Maddox, AMN Lauren Partington, AB CokeInACan


Forcep.jpg The Force Protection element is formed by all Security and Force Protection personnel in the squadron. The element is led by the senior NCO or Officer in the element.

  • Element Leader: Vacant
  • Members: SSgt Adam Maddox


AFMed4.jpg The Medical Services element is formed by all Aeromedical and Necromedical personnel in the squadron. The element is led by the senior NCO or Officer in the element.

  • Element Leader: Vacant by order of CC
  • Members: TSgt William Dead


The 38th Civil Engineering Squadron does not currently have a set Headquarters. They are currently located in Ackland Mall in the suburb of Havercroft.


The 38th CES operates under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Regulations of the USAF, and AFI 38-4195 (Regulations Regarding Status of Forces in Infection Zones.) The following are excerpts from AFI 38-4195 with regards to the current situation in Malton:

Recruiting: Any survivors within the infection zone may volunteer for service with the USAF and any units posted within said infection zone. Those individuals who volunteer for service are required to take the Oath of Enlistment and are required to obey all lawful orders of the Officers and those individuals appointed over them.

AFSCs: Any personnel to be deployed into an infection zone must have a primary or secondary Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) which will allow the airman to serve in a capacity benefiting the civilians in their area. The basic skillsets of these AFSCs are the ability to build barricades, effectively engage in combat operations, operate signals equipment, or provide aeromedical or necromedical services. A partial list of AFSCs eligible for deployment into an infection zone are as follows: 1A0X1 Intelligence, 1A3X1 Airborne Electronics and Communications, 1C1X1 Combat Control, 1T2X1 Pararescue, 2E1X2 Ground Radio Communications, 3C1X1 Radio Communications Systems, all 3E (Engineering) AFSCs, 3P0X1 Security Forces, all 4A-4T (Medical) AFSCs. (Note: If an individual is lacking in an AFSC qualification, they may still be deployed pending the availability of training facilities.)

OPSEC: Operational Security (OPSEC) is of tantamount importance, especially in infection zones. Radio broadcasts are not to be made over open frequencies except in the most extreme circumstances. Alternate communications methods, such as IM, are encouraged.

Rank, Promotions, and Awards: Any personnel involved in combat can and will be promoted, based on time in grade, as well as against any available vacancy in the TO&E. Further, awards will be issued based on individual and unit actions. To further encourage unit members to play both as survivor and zombie, the following level requirements have been implemented.

Airman Basic: Level 1-2

Airman: 3-4

Airman 1st Class: 5-6

Senior Airman: 7-8

Staff Sergeant: 9-10

Technical Sergeant: 11-12

Master Sergeant: 13-14

Senior MSgt: 15-16

Chief MSgt: 17-18

2nd Lieutenant: 19-21

1st Lieutenant: 22-24

Captain: 25-27

Major: 28-30

Lieutenant Colonel: 32-39

Colonel: 40-40+


There are no intelligence bulletins at this time.


General Order 6:

Attention to orders! SrA Eric Dead is hereby awarded the USAF Commendation Medal with "V" device. The Citation:

Senior Airman Eric Dead distinguished himself by valorous service while acting as a CRE for E Flt (Malton Det), 38CES, 437AW. On 4Dec08, SrA Dead, while traversing no-mans land in Lukinswood exposed himself on three (3) occasions to hostile enemy action and did kill one (1) hostile zombie and did wound one (1) hostile zombie before continuing his transit and arriving at Ackland Mall. His valorous actions reflect credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Air Force.


There is no news at this time.


Anyone wishing to join the 38th CES should e-mail Col Maddox at airforcebombsquad@yahoo.com


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