5th Infantry Division

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5th Infantry Division
"5th ID Patch"
Abbreviation: 5th ID
Group Numbers: 7
Leadership: Staff Sergeant Yi Hsu
Goals: Reestablish Government Control of the City
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: Post A Message on the Discussion Page

History/Back Story

The 5th ID represents the remains of the military survivors who were left in Malton when it was quarantined. Back when the first few where infected, the government decided to take Malton under control. With this goal in mind they undertook a number of military operations and deployed specially-equipped forces. However, the rapidly spreading infection led to many deaths and those who managed to survive became trapped in Malton. Eventually they settled in the area presently located at the south east part of the city, where soldiers and officers fought with zombies, coped with hunger and sleep deprivation, and very few of them were able to survive. The last contact that the 5th ID had with their outside officers, was to create a highly-trained Survivor-friendly combatants on-hand, and take back and hold the key positions, cleanse the area from mutants and pave the way for mass-scale military operations to clean the city of infected. But the outside officers had no idea just how bad it is in Malton.



In the event of zombification, all group members take priority in finding and treating the infected group member. If the commanding officer of the group is infected, the next-in-rank will take command, and so-on. In the event of total group zombification, 5th ID will be forced to seek aid of closest group within operating range.


Usually the United States military would not take any civilian off of the streets and allow them to join, but these are chaotic times and the Army needs all the help it can get from individuals that meet the ID's requirements.

  • 1. Able Bodied.
  • 2. Capable of handling the stress of Combat.
  • 3. Capable of Obeying and Following Orders.
  • 4. Capable of handling the rigors of military duty.



Red Cresent Research Facillity.png Red Cresent Research Facility


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