5th of November/2010

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A Short, Warm Encouragement

The word vacation is vastly inappropriate for the voluminous absence I have vexingly endured. The fear of vacuity has been reversed by the vereses fine vengeance seekers such as yourself have visited upon my original page. I am indeed the first and original V, and my vain attempts to vanquish Ridleybank of the cancerous undead growth have been vindicated by virile violators of our beloved Malton's most infection-ridden centres. When I was active, my work often saw me come up against vicious moderators; those black-bagging Vichy sucklings, mewling at the rotten teat of the zombie horde. The vagaries of their totalitarian rules and militant enforcement labelled me a vandal and forced me to vamoose underground. I vent a billow of pride at your vehemence in keeping the notion, the idea of the 5th of November alive. Do not forget the 5th of November, and please continue to rally the troops, the liberators and vouchsafe the best groups of Malton in our cause to bring fear and spit vitriol over those that would do us harm.

I pass fleetingly through this moment, and this moment shall be all that comes to pass for me, but I urge you who still play, who still fight, to bring forth your fellow survivors and groups and to plan. Plan for a violent 5th of November 2010, with survivors voracious for a fight worth remembering. Take Ridleybank. Take a mall. Whatever you do, vouch for your friends and vow to do it together. Together are we truly bulletproof and biteproof. --Codename V 15:31, 20 May 2010 (BST)

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