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At All Cost Survivors
A.A.C. Survivors Emblem2.jpg
Abbreviation: A.A.C. Survivors
Group Numbers: Any survivors dedicated to keeping man kind going strong.
Leadership: Undetermined
Goals: To reclaim a full district from the undead populated by like minded survivors.
Recruitment Policy: Yes
Contact: Drop us a line on the discussion page


The A.A.C. Survivors are a group dedicated to the eradication of the undead menace within the hallowed grounds of Crooketon. We have claimed our own building and have begun to force the Zombies from out of our beloved suburb. We are based in The Standen Building and we intend to build up a large force of survivors and create our own state.


  • Find our own district. Complete.
  • Set up a safe house. Complete.
  • Eliminate Zombies.
  • Set up a perimeter.

Group Status

The group has firmly established its base of operations in The Standen Building in Crooketon and its members are currently barricading it and removing the Zeds from the nearby area.

Trust us. We know what we are doing.

Group Updates

We have secured our building. It is The Standen Building in Crooketon. It is very strongly barricaded and has easy access to a multitude of hospitals. If you wish to join out group Just come to The Standen building and change your group status. The Standen building has been wrecked by the undead so we have been forced to flee to the surrounding buildings. If you wish to join our group come to Crooketon and help up retake our building.

Group List

  • CJ Fraser Leader
  • Vid Calovski
  • Hectornator
  • Crazysplat
  • Chernobyl Wise

A.A.C. Survivors Emblem2.jpg Zombies beware!
This group will shoot on site! stay away from the A.A.C. Survivors

Black rose.jpg OBR Ally
This user or group is allied with the Order of the Black Rose and benefits from an overflowing amount of awesome.
A.A.C. Survivors Emblem2.jpg Zombies beware!
This group is recruiting!
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