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AMC Squad
Abbreviation: AMCSQUAD
Group Numbers: 10+
Leadership: Jblade
Goals: To help and assist survivors against the Zombie threat
Recruitment Policy: All friendly Survivors in Starlington welcome
Contact: N/A

AMC Squad

The AMC squad is a small group of high level humans made up of members from the AMC forums. All the members are fans of the original Duke Nukem 3D game and have released many levels between themselves. They have taken it upon themselves to help and assist as many other survivors as possible, having helped defend important locations in their surrounding area as well as setting up a revive center. The AMC squad looks down on Player Killers. The team consists of around 10 members. The AMC Squad have no official enemies but consider themselves as friends to all other Human squads who share similar ideas.

On Febuary 20th, the AMC Squad joined the Alliance of Giddings in a hope to secure Starlington and make it a safer Suburb for Survivors, as the squad itself is too small to prove an effective deterrant.

Founding members

Jblade and George Redfield are the founding members of AMC HQ. A location was decided on in the far right outerskirts of the city, and it became the AMC Squad HQ. Soon many other members of the forums joined up to the group and strengthened it's numbers.


A revive center was set up in the area at a church by member Will gee, and together the AMC Squad has managed to revive a number of people in the local area, as well as barricading buildings for survivors to spend the night in. As long as a single AMC member stands, we will continue to help people as much as possible.

A second base for AMC was set up between AMC members and fellow Survivors, in order to distibute the team incase Zombies manage to overcome the previous HQ.


This list only shows the hardcore members of the AMC squad. There are several survivors in the HQ which are co�perating with the AMC squad, but are not registered and/or aware of the forums.

Jblade - Military

Leader of the AMC Squad. He is wearing dirty and scuffed boots, black jeans, leather driving gloves, and a tattered bomber jacket with a flak jacket slightly visible underneath. There is a scar on his neck where a zombie slain him in his sleep.

James Stanfield - Military

Member of the AMC Squad. He is wearing black dress shoes, tan khaki trousers, wooly fingerless gloves, a leather jacket with a flak jacket tucked underneath and a scarf with several bite marks visible. He has been slain many times, but still survives.

George Redfield - Civilian

Former resident of Raccoon City. Was visiting Malton to investigate a possible link between Necrotech and Umbrella Corp. when the virus broke out, and is currently helping other survivors to the best of his abilities whilst continueing his investigation.

HighWire - Civilian

Former drunk bar pianist. Has a fine taste for wine (especially Ros�) and appeared to be one of the most fabulous musicians on Malton. Will entertain zombies with funky solos if necessary.

will gee - Military

A retired artist gone mad after the galleries were over taken by zombies. Wild red hair black longs with a black shirt. large steel caped boots.

Dr Amputation - Scientist

Member of the AMC squad. Wears a long and ragged white doctor's jacket, a black t-shirt, grey trousers and shabby sneakers. Nearly bald but has a sizeable beard. He had been fired from his job as a doctor due to performing acts that scared his colleagues.

Methy - Civilian

MetHy has a long scare on the nose, which is a reminder of the Zombie who made him fall on the wrong side once. Now he never leaves his guns, and likes to feel confident when he owns a lot of ammo. Swore to hunt to death the Zombie who killed him.

CRCGamer - Military

A nervous fellow with itchy trigger fingers this fellow has a shotgun in each hand.

CRCAssasin - Civilian

Covered in numerous scars from zombie attacks. This man has a little red cross on one arm.

Sangman - Civilian

Holy warrior from the streets of Starlingtown, he will aid if needed or go on a private quest otherwise.

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