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--Username 10:05, 27 April 2012

Prime legate(supreme leader)-Markamus Glatitori(in game)

Battle born company commander-

Legion Healers company commander-

Militia commander(in charge of scavengers and finders)-

Our ideals are simple rebuild and prosper, we strive to rid malton of this plague and disease with nesecarry means. Our choice of weapons are melee or fists and we rarely use handguns or shotguns unless there is a dire need for them and our main choice of safe houses are churches as we believe they are sacred and should be held at all costs, our main choice of recruit would be a fireman or medic as they suit are needs but all are welcome, if you pass the test that is.

-Three zombies are running at you, you have no weapons only a first aid kit and your fists, you are on your own wearing a flak jacket... what do you do?

.a) run and hide, you life is more important than pride.

.b) stand your ground and fight the diseased horde for the good of the legion!

.c) call your battle brothers and stand together, strength in unity!

-Your safe house (a church) is about to be overrun by a numerous horde of undead, you have three battle brothers with you ready to die at your command...what do you do?

.a) the undead may be strong but the legion is much stronger, you will stand and fight!

.b) you clamber up to the nearest window and jump, the undead will not infct you now.

.c) the time has come for a sacrifice, you tell your brothers to flee and gather more men whilst you hold off the horde to buy them time...

-One of your battle born have been bitten, what is your choice?

.a) leave him to fend for himself, he is no longer useful.

.b) send him on a one man suicide mission...before he goes he is taking some undead with him.

.c) kill him, it is the only choice.

The preferable answers

1. b or c

2. a or c

3. b he will die with some honour

If you are a new recruit to the legion of Alius Damnum then you will begin as a profligate then move up to the rank of centauri, as you proceed to higher ranks you then get to become either a battle brother and move up to the rank of battle born or a warrior healer, a combat medic ready for any type of wound and any type of situation, but if those do not suit your type of player then you may become a battle reconissant, a centauri tasked with documenting where and when large groups of zombies move around and helping find new safe houses for our brothers but we also need scavengers and finders as well.

It is solely your choice if you wish to join the ranks of Alius Damnum but if you wish to join then you will be not be asked for much, just that whenever you see a battle born in need you help their cause and if you stumble upon a undead then you attack him on sight and remove him from this earth with pride!

Other infomation Our legion colours are red and black, you never dismiss an order from a superior of you will face severve consequnces and whenever you see a church you must graffiti onto it 'property of the Alius Damnum' and secure it but not so other battle brothers cannopt enter it.

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