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Aquila Corperation
Byzantine eagle.jpg
Abbreviation: AQC
Group Numbers: 2 Highly Active
Leadership: Cody Black

Eric Alric

Goals: To protect citezens of Malton from the undead infestation
Recruitment Policy: Open to all but zombies
Contact: None yet

Aquila Corp Squad Alphabet


===A=== - Aztec

===B=== - Beaver

===C=== - Comanche Leader: ImpEgl. Eric Alric Motto: Forward unto hell.

===D=== - Dog Leader: ImpEgl. Cody Black Motto: Its not about the numbers, but the tactics. Members: Entashu

===E=== - Elk

===F=== - Fox

===G=== - Gold

===H=== - Hopi

===I=== - Iron Leader: ImpEgl. Cody Black Motto: But they shall never break...

===J=== - Jade

===K=== - Kangaroo

===L=== - Lakota Leader:ImpEgl. Eric Alric Motto: In the path of shinning dawn.

===M=== - Mohawk

===N=== - Napalm

===O=== - Onyx

===P=== - Pox

===Q=== - Quail

===R=== - Raccoon

===S=== - Steel

===T=== - Tomahawk

===U=== - Ute

===V=== - Venom

===W=== - Wolf

===X=== - X

===Y=== - Yankee

===Z=== - Zuni

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