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Armed Response Unit
Abbreviation: ARU
Group Numbers: 3 Commanders, 0 Radio Operators, 0 Officers, 0 Medics
Leadership: Someone Important
Goals: Defence of police stations and hunting player killers
Recruitment Policy: You must have basic firearms training and free running
Contact: We'll call you

Fighting Crime, Protecting People

The Armed Response Unit is composed of police officers trained in the usage of Firearms however during the infection outbreak across Malton officers began to question why they should take orders and began leaving to form small groups to survive. Some officers remained because they share the hope to keep Malton under control until Military forces arrive to rescue the survivors. Our Radio station is 26.75, officers are advised to tune their handheld radio's to this channel, civilians may broadcast to request police. Our recruitment policy is very simple Police officers are automatically allowed to join once they aquire free running, civilians wishing to join must have basic firearms training along with the groups required free running.

The Armed Responce Unit is broken off into small divisions to make overall control easier, the divisions are as follow -

Authorised Firearms Unit's

Alpha Unit - Objective - Control of infection

Bravo Unit - Objective - Control of infection


Uniform Unit - Objective - Defence of high priority buildings


Civilian Units

Police Engineer's - Objective - Maintaining barricades of priority buildings

Control Room - Objective - Operating the radio to check status of survivors

Medical Officers - Giving First Aid to survivors and officers and reviving civilians

To apply to any of these groups please send a message to my email that contains your username, contact email and a printscreen that shows all your skills would be appreciated.


All Autherised Firearms Officers must carry.

1 M3 shotgun

1 or 2 Glock 17

a crowbar to open crates or pull down barracades

a melee weapon, Axe is prefered

2 First Aid Kits, one for you and one for survivors

2 radios, 1 tunes to 26.75 and the other to local sector


Doctors must carry, +3 F.A.K's, 1 revivication syringe and 1 DNA scanner

Engineers must carry, Tool box, +1 F.A.K and assure they have a crowbar

Control members must carry, 2 fuel cans, 1 Portable generator, 1 broadcasting radio (in case you have to relocate or repair)


All calls must have your officer I.D and intended target I.D if sending to another officer, I.D is whatever number you placed on the end of your U.D name, if you have none one will be supplied for you.

Alpha = Alpha Unit, add user number on the end
Bravo = Bravo Unit, add user number on the end
Uniform = Uniform Unit, add user number on end
Control = Any ARU radio operators
Echo = Police engineers
Oscar = Doctors
The Office = Police Stations
Foxtrot = Fire Stations
Hotel = Medical Centre's
Sierra = Necro Tech
Tango = Zombie, state number before Tango call e.g. 9 Tango's
Example of a coded call, This is Alpha *** come in Bravo ***, 9 Tango's spotted at Shrearbank Sierra, send backup, Alpha *** out

Officers Callsigns



141 - Kingslayer141


619 - Shotgunmac619





While we are not considered Player killers we are not bounty hunters, we do not use bounty hunter websites our list only goes off what we see.

dipcup - group = Red Rum - Wanted for murder of 4 civilians in Tompson (Metro).

Operations Board

Operation Paladin - To track down the headquaters of the group Red Rum and take a pro active approach of destroying this group This Operation is ongoing and is pending a resolution

Alpha operation


1) Exercution of dipcup

2) Elimination of Red Rum group

Operation BrightLight - To push an advance to Mockridge Heights and establish a secure route for civilians along with HQ

Joint Operation - Alpha, Bravo, Uniform

Objectives -

1) Advance to Mockridge Heights (Tango's estimate 120+)

2) Establish A.R.U Forward command post

3) Radio Tompson Metro about the new safe zone

Message Boards

Alpha Unit message board

Bravo Unit message board

Uniform Unit message board


The Armed Responce Unit recognises that people inside graveyards are non-combatants who only wish to be revived and as such the ARU will never order officers to fire on these people.

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
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