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Black Phoenix Private Contractors
Abbreviation: BPPC
Group Numbers: 1
Leadership: User: Vexlor Sturm
Goals: To maintain a state of safety in Raines Hills, and eventually expand
Recruitment Policy: Open to Survivors(No Pkers or Gkers)
Contact: go to our website at http://bppc.userboard.net/forum.htm

Black Phoenix Private Contractors

The BPPC is a survivor group, with the goal of maintaining the region of Raines Hills against zombie hordes and providing a safe zone for survivors to rest in. We are always recruiting members of any level, class, or skill set. PKing is not tolerated, and PKers will be eradicated.

Current State

BPPC is new, having just formed. The leader, Vexlor Sturm, is making his way to the mall in Pimbank to stock up on supplies before he heads to Raines Hills to fortify the location.

Base of Ops

While BPPC will focus on the entirety of Raines Hills, our main base of ops, and most fortified location, shall be Orders Crescent Police Department, to provide a constant supply of ammo for those long, hard sieges.

Member List

Please add your name to this list if you have joined the group, and update your location if you settle somewhere.

Vexlor Sturm - the Nuttall Museum, Pimbank

Group History

Vexlor Sturm, U.S.G.#02, BPPC Praetorian Omega, was airdropped into Malton on Sunday, November 28th, 2010, to fight the zombies and reclaim the city. However, upon arriving in Malton he realized he had no radio contact to the outside world, and therefore could not call in his PMC known as the Black Phoenix Private Contractors. He also realized that he would not be able to retake Malton easily, and it would take a while. He decided that, since he couldn't radio for an extraction, he had all the time in the world to secure Malton, one suburb at a time. And so it was that he set a course and began his travels. Meeting a fellow U.S.G member along the way, he made a plan with this member to start recruiting survivors for the BPPC of Malton. And that's our history. --Vexlor Sturm 03:00, 29 November 2010 (UTC)

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