Black Delta Gonna Rape Yo Butt

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Please note that this group is in no way afflicted with Black Delta

Black Delta Gonna Rape Yo Butt
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Abbreviation: BDGRYB
Group Numbers: Fine and Dandy
Leadership: Someone Important
Goals: Stop the emo+ego faggotry of an otherwise shitty idea of a crappy group
Recruitment Policy: Stand in line for the bathroom
Contact: We'll call you


First Noticed Black Delta- 17th March 2009
First Realization of their faggotry- 18th March 2009
Decide it'd be hilarious to mess with them on a regular basis- 19th March 2009

Black Delta

What is Black Delta? Well that's simple! It's a Pro-Gay Sex, Pro-Role Play and Pro-Whinge over nothing group of "classified" members. (that pretty much means between 5 and 7 max.) They believe they started to rid Mockridge Heights of zombies. They then complained when a group of undead players destroyed their base in the area, as if they expected this NOT to happen. (which if was so, would make the whole point of the game Null and Void.)

Our Objectives

  • Tag buildings in Mockridge Heights with the truth; "Black Delta Gonna Rape Yo Butt"
  • Lure Zombie Hordes Towards Mockridge Heights
  • Lawlz
  • Mess Up Their Revive Points
  • Mess Around With Barricade Policies.
  • Spam The Radio on their frequency with the truth; "Black Delta Gonna Rape Yo Butt"
  • Tell the surrounding suburbs about how a member of Black Delta Player killed us (which they will actually do....Lawl)

How We Work

We're different in that we enjoy Kentucky Fried Chicken. Because without Kentucky Fried Chicken it is very hard to STAY BLACK in this game. You should inform each other about WATERMELON. You know what I'm saying? JIGGA WHAT!?!!? We can not stress the notion of STING IS A REALLY COOL GUY enough.


Never smoke any cigarettes except Menthol Cigarettes.
Never deny that the shit is in fact, bananas. Because it is. Never let a zombie be revived. That shit's not Bananas. Use Their forum, located here [] to mess with their heads.

Final Word

The goal I have set is to put Mockridge back to it's original Moderate danger level. Because calling Mockridge safe just doesn't sit well with me, what with all the ass rape going on.

Black Delta Gonna Rape Yo Butt thinks STING IS A REALLY COOL GUY.

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