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Alpha Squad

Alpha Squad (aka Able Squad, aka Able Company)is currently inactive. It was the Cannonball Strike Force's most ferocious squad. It wass made up of grunts who specialize in heavy combat and are loaded to the hilt with shotguns. They are ready to kill at a moment's notice and love to put on a light show as they shower enemy zombies with waves of gun fire. Join today and prove that you can roll with the gnarliest squad in Malton.



In the early days of the outbreak, a military sergeant named jeff shockmatic (also known simply as Shockmatic) formed a barricade squad to help surivors. This was before characters had developed and earned many skills so there was a big focus on safehouses. The original Council of Leaders was formed for this very reason -- to coordinate efforts between different safehouses.

"Give em the cold steel boys!"

But instead of tying himself to one safehouse, Shockmatic formed a team that traveled between safehouses lending aid where needed. At the same time, Tony Blair formed a mobile combat unit that traveled between safehouses and defended against zombies where needed. This was the Cannonball Crew. Shockmatic's barricade squad quickly joined forces with the Cannonball Crew turning it into the city's first strike team. The Cannonball Crew became the military wing of the Council of Leaders and built its foundation as one of the elite organizations in Malton.

"I served under Shockmatic, he was a hell of a leader. Our last successful mission together was in Dulston, when the COL created a "FORT OF DOOM" and held off an attack of over 60 zombies. Back then that was a lot. That's when I first learned free running; I was a green recruit back then and had only been in Malton for a week. Then we tried to retake our old home in Barrville and it was a slaughter. I didn't see Shockmatic go down, but I got the call to pull out and as I made my way through the rubble, I saw his body. I'll never forget the sight of the zombies feasting on his body. By the time I got to him it was too late, his brain was completely rotten.

A few weeks later I was promoted to sergeant and given permission to create the Cannonball Crew's first subordinate squad, Company A, known informally as Able Company. Some surviving members of Shockmatic's Barricade Squad stayed on as part of Able, before moving on.

So, now you know the history of Able Company. There are four companies now, but only Able has such a unique and important history. So when we participate in a mission as the barricade squad, we're not just doing a job, we're carrying on in the tradition begun by Sergeant Shockmatic in the earliest days of the outbreak. There are some big and powerful groups in Malton today, but I don't think any of them can claim a heritage like Able."

- Retired First Lieutenant Koppie

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