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Caturday Militia

A really long cat


The Caturday Militia is a small survivor group that is based out of the Cleaves Arms in Hollomstown. It's members are often seen in many of the buildings around the area gathering supplies and killing nearby zombies. Each member does as they see fit. They also hold grudges for a long, long time against people who attack them.


Years ago, when Malton was still a blossoming metropolis, Caturday lived, and all was well and happy. But one day, the dead rose and walked among us. Malton was subsequently quarintined and destroyed from the inside, and Caturday was lost. Two years later, a band of survivors remebered the joy and good of Caturday. Basing out of Hollomstown, it is said that the light of Caturday will spread through Malton once again.

Our goals encompass the ideas of spreading the ideals of Caturday, defending against those who oppose Caturday, and, especially, celebrating Caturday. Remember everyone, zombie or human, everyday is Caturday. To make this reality, we sweep greater Hollomstown, reviving those in need, and defending others from malevolent zombies and humans.

Together, we will bring the light of Caturday to the darkness of Malton.

Current News

09/11/08 Afternoon

A couple of days ago, I rebuilt our base and reequipped it. We are good to go and it looks like most of the zombie horde has passed. Sadly, I had to lay down my weapons (besides my trusty axe) and help to rebuild our home and its surrounding buildings, like the Mudford Auto Repair.

Also, I would like to put forth the idea that we create an archive on this site so that we can move old news to it that is a to be decided amount of time old. This way, our main page won't fill up with year old talk. Let me know what you guys think.

What is your description of a group? I think that we may constitute as a group that lives in Hollomstown, so I think we may want to add ourselves to the list of groups in Hollomstown.

Let the discussions begin!

--Aratarin 21:16, 11 September 2008 (BST)

08/31/08 Noon

Wow no one has posted here in ever. Ok, so not too long ago, our base was moved from the Woodyatt Arms to the Cleaver Arms due to the small problem of AC getting killed by a PKer constantly. So, not a big change, just 1s and 1w. The big thing as of late is the fact that zombies came out of nowhere. They are everywhere, and I got killed twice in the last three days. Hollomstown has never experianced anything this severe in all of my days living there. In closing - anyone who could stop by Holloms and clean up this mess, much would be appreciated. Meanwhile, Im going to sit in an East Greyside Cemetery like the old days and wait for a revive. -- Kajamz 12:04, 31 August 2008 (BST)

10/12/07 Evening

Sorry for the time it took for the next update, but I've been alittle busy. As we all know, greater Hollomstown has been in a state of hell, my excurtion to Poll Mall has made little difference. Since then, die, revive, die, revive, pk, revive. I feel bad that I haven't really talked to everyone and coordinated our actions well.

Ok then, for the bummer news. I'm grounded, won't be on except for when I sneak on. But when I do get ungrounded, Aratarin and I will update the page with something cool, and have a ton of Caturday pictures.

And for our Group sign, you know the one that will appear next to our name on the suburb page, is being decided on. Aratarin wants to make a Caturday Militia symbol specialy. I would like to have a cropped head of Longcat. Make suggestions, make signs, do it!

So finally, everyone in the Caturday Militia is aloud to post news, just keep it all under the same day on any given day. Which you guys hopefully will do because I mostly won't. =(. --ActionCat 17:17, 12 October 2007 (BST)

9/24/07 Evening

How are ya cats? Guess what? Action Cat is pissed. Our good base at the Woodyatte was raided. Seven zombitches forced the barricades and proceeded to eat us about the time I was building a mousetrap car in my Principles of Engineering class. What a waste of time considering what zombie inturders were doing to our base! Our good friend Hybriddancer was felled first, followed by the innocent bystanderd that was sheltered with us. Kajamz was wounded to half health, while they continued to knaw on me instead (thankfully). I was dragged into the street, where I unleased my secret weapon. The sonic wave released from my awesome pelvic thrust utterly obliterated my zombie kidnapper, reducing him to oozing flak. After I got FAK'd at Julius, I retured to dispatch two of the remaining scourge. So basically, Aratarin, Johan666, Kemelo (when your revived), get in there and bring the pain.

Although this was bad, our generator, transmitter, and base remained unruined. --ActionCat 22:25, 24 September 2007 (BST)

Woodyatte has been ruined. Remaining people have been E-vacted. Generator and transmitter trashed. I have unruined it, but the doors are open and unbarricaded. All out of A.P and ammunition. --ActionCat 00:01, 25 September 2007 (BST)

9/19/07 Evening

It appears that greater Hollomstown has gone to hell in a handbasket, as the LUE appears to be parading across Southern Malton. What does this mean too the Caturday Militia? Nothing! We scoff at such useless efforts, for surely Caturday will blind our foes in the light of raw awesome. With only six active members though, counting Aratarin even though he isn't 'official', our forces are spread thin. Until now I have been trying to consentrate our efforts in restoring the two hospitals in Hollomstown, then to realize the sieges there were over, and quickly tryed to send our forces to West Grayside, as they are currently screwed with the massive infestation. I have reported there, and there are at least 6 zombies on every block. Suddenly caught somewhere else, it looks like some Z's haved moved into Hollomstown. Well, Hollomstown comes first, everyone go back and defend our main base. --ActionCat 17:47, 19 September 2007 (BST)

9/11/07 Afternoon

Ok all four, mabye five active members, listen up. We are all newish players. We know how the game works but we have yet to get balanced skill trees. Up till now this hasn't hindered us from esablishing our base in Hollomstown up to operation effectiveness. Proud, yeah I am, you should all feel awesomeocity coursing through your still living bodies. Now it's time to start our mission: Protect greater Hollomstown, to the best or our current abilities. I declare the Caturday Militia is to assist the Theophan General Hospital in defending it's walls from the zombie infestation.

And remember all, everyday is Caturday, Longcat is long, Trashcat is not amused, and Serious Cat: he's fucking serious.

--ActionCat 23:48, 11 September 2007 (BST)

8/31/07 Afternoon

Right now, the goal is to get everyone together, most likely in the Sherston Firestation, and go from there. Skill up for sure. Get construction, radio op [and a transmitter], I have to get NTE, some med skills, and a lot and lot of combat skills. When we find a place, we will rock. :D

8/31/07 Evening

Today, Action Cat and Aratarin have decided on a new place for our HQ. It will be Woodyatt Arms, which is located in Hollomstown.

The Souls of Caturday


Current Members



--ActionCat 22:02, 4 October 2007 (BST)


Angelo da Inferno




Do you celebrate Caturday? Do you wish to spread the light of Caturday?

Then join the Caturday Militia! Please click here or go to our discussion page. When there, leave your name and a way to reach you so that we can inform you of our judgement, under the 'Recruitment' topic.


We dont particularaly have any at this moment. :D


This is a list of Pker's who have attacked members of the Caturday Militia and must be killed on sight.

  • Redbeard the Pirate *said 'Ahoy Kajamz! Ye are a foul creature in league with the Devil himself. Practicing this so named science of your brought forth the walking dead. Join your evil creations!'
  • Dr. Rockso *claimed to be on cocain, shoot twice*
  • Safety Pin


If you wish to contact the Caturday Militia or any members of it, you may post on the Discussion page or on the individual member's page.

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