Chronicle of the Second Siege of Caiger Mall

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This post has been created to help chronicle the past battle of Caiger Mall.

Dated January 27, 2006- Last night, Calvert Mall fell to the zombie hordes. Caiger and Ackland malls now stand as the last remaining human bastions on Mall Tour '06's warpath. If Caiger falls, large portions of Malton will be totally overrun, and likely will be occupied by the zombies to prevent the survivors from regaining the territory- the Mall has great sentimental value to both sides- it is the site of the only major survivor victory since the outbreak of the infection. Survivors have been converging here for some time now.

Dated January 28, 2006- After a long siege, Ackland Mall has decided to fall back to Caiger for the final stand. The mall is not completely lost yet, but any efforts made now will be an attempt to delay the attack. Caiger Mall salutes those who gave their lives to buy us more time to prepare. Your deaths shall not have been in vain.

Many groups like Dunell Hills Police Department, 501st Armed Division, Allied Military Defense Force, Weebls-Stuff Forumites Freedom Group (WSFFG), The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (Malton Branch), ROACH Klips, Creedy Defense Force, The Imperium, 5punk and others have all joined in the fight to save Caiger Mall, battling in what is said to be called The Battle over Caiger Some Survivors and Zombies are now referring to them as The Human Liberation Front.

Dated 29th January- Mall Tour 06 announces that Ackland Mall has officially fallen. Survivors there are advised to retreat to Caiger and prepare. The Mall Tour has announced "Zombaggedon" and its plans to first obliterate all surrounding suburbs of Caiger Mall. Their goal is to "Make four new Ridleybanks." Some believe that the zombies, should they succeed, may move to occupy the Caiger area; instead of simply attacking and moving on. Zombie spies and vandalism have reached an extreme high. Various sources report that mere seconds after a generator is placed, a malicious griefer or zombie spy demolishes it.

Dated 31st January- Zombageddon continues in East Becktown. Warlord Xyu had this to say:

Even though it's tempting to start moving further towards the mall after these targets, we'll get the closer NT buildings, etc, when we come full circle and have been through West Becktown, Chudleyton and Darvall Heights. The next buildings are going to take us right into the bottom corner of West Becktown, so that we make sure that we're doing a proper job of wasting these 2 suburbs, and at the same time attracting ferals from the SW direction. After this is done, we can start going right through the rest of West Becktown, and then into Chudleyton.

Again, stay near the mall. There is no sense in getting wasted wandering off. The zombies are almost finished with East Becktown, and have set their eyes on targets of West Becktown. The targets are as follows:

East Becktown

  1. Edward General Hospital, [22, 39]
  2. Barbara General Hospital, [23, 38]
  3. the Attwell Building, [20, 36]
  4. St Ethelbert's Hospital, [27, 33]

West Becktown :

  1. Urben Alley Fire Station, [10, 39]
  2. Cottam Way Police Dept, [12, 39]
  3. the Flowar Building, [13, 39]
  4. St Werburgh's Hospital, [14, 39]
  5. Dunstone Walk Fire Station, [13, 38]

If you are in these buildings, you are advised to begin evacuations to Caiger Mall. Stay behind of or infront of the horde to get supplies.

Dated 4th February- Instead of a circle, Zombaggedon has turned into a flanking manuever. Groups of zombies have been taking out key targets east and south of Caiger. Survivors holding out in a high profile target (except for the Latrobe Building) please evacuate to a safer location.

Zombie sightings at Caiger itself have increased. Due to this scouts are being asked to update zombie counts fairly frequently now. Any large concentration of zombies should be recorded on Caiger Mall Survivors.

Also keep an eye on the Latrobe Building. It is a very valuable resource for us. You are encouraged to move into the building itself to help protect and barricade it. Try to essentially make it a part of the mall.

Dated 5th March- Two weeks ago, the zeds shifted their attack from Pagram Library, which is now zed-free for the first time in months, to the SE quadrant of Caiger Mall, whose barricades are now under constant attack.

Dated 16th March- Despite a recent rise in zombie attacks, zombie dissatisfaction due to the long siege, and a corresponding drop in the size of the attacking horde has many zombie players believing taking the Mall to be impossible. Xyu has stated so himself and set an "end date" of Sunday (March 19) for the siege, and the Mall Tour.

Dated 29th March- After a long and drawn out siege, the vast majority of the active zombie population appeares to have dispersed, leaving only a mountain of corpses outside the mall. Whether the hordes actually gave up and went to ravage the surrounding countryside further or are simply laying in wait spring a trap remaines to be seen.

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