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The Church of Kevan, also known as "Kevanism", centers around the belief that the world was created by an intelligent designer known as "Kevan". Kevanists believe that we all follow his rules, and that by studying the way things work in Malton, they can determine Kevan's motives and moral guidance.

The 10 Commandments of Kevan

According to Kevanist scholars, the Great Kevan's intentions for his creations can be laid out in 10 simple rules:

1: Kevan is the creator

Fundamental Kevanist belief. Kevan created the universe approximately 6 years ago.

2: Possibility does not equal morality.

Just because the Great Kevan allows something to happen, this does not mean he condones it. We all have free will and we are responsible for our actions.

3: Balance is Holy

The Great Kevan acts to make sure no-one dominates, that life and death enjoy equal status.

4: Favour the weak

The Great Kevan will answer the prayers of those who are less fortunate. The misfortunate will find extra strength or abilities in order to restore balance to the universe

5: Both states of life are equal

Malton is a deeply polarised place, but the Great Kevan smiles on all his creations.

6: Struggle is virtue

Only through conflict, hardship and effort can we advance, Kevan has made it this way.

7: Cheating is sin

The Great Kevan will smite those who attempt to circumvent the rules he lays down.

8: Accept your limits

Be patient, work for the long term, plan ahead and dont do more than 50 things in 25 hours.

9: Work together and prosper

The Great Kevan smiles on community and provides for those who wish to co-operate.

10: Money is evil.

There are no rich men in Malton. Kevan frowns on any form of wealth - even barter. He provides for all his creations, anything you desire can be found with a little effort.

The Kevanic Codex

Book of Complilation

"..And lo, on the first day Kevan created..
..[0, 0]Bird Boulevard.."

Book of Promises

"..Yeay, Take thee a moment to reflect upon His wisdom..
..And then take another to reflect upon thy doings..
..For 'tis now not the time to be unwillingly
mauledeth to death or revivedeth to life..
..We have holy work to do here.."

"Yeay, loveth all of Kevan's creations, even while you barricadeth against them..
..As He hath ordainedeth..
..And occasionally changedeth with updates.."

Book of Too Many Words

"..Lo!, we dareth question the common wisdom..
..Asketh o'er Life and Death..
..Wondereth why should we bothereth with it all..
..Who hath so placeth all these christmas trees about the place..
.. And just what are first aid kits doing in churches anyway.."

Book of Shivering & Bowing Down Frequently

Truly does He taketh care of the birds and the undead and the flowers alike..
..Seek thee aid of thy Creator and thee shall find it..
..At rates of about fourteen percent in lighted hospitals..
..Hath the Universe not been made bountiful?..
..Is this not proof enough of His devine plan for thee, Ye heathens?


If you believe in the Great Kevan place this template on your wiki page

Kevanism.gif Kevanism
This user is a Kevanist. They believe that the universe was created approximately 15 years ago by an intelligent designer.

At the time of writing there are 41 Kevanists using this template.