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Cult of Boognish
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Abbreviation: What the hell is the point of that?
Group Numbers: Yes.
Leadership: Dean Ween
Goals: Not be bored. Or boring.
Recruitment Policy: Very closed.
Contact: Our fearless leader, by wiki or by email

Alright, so I finally got off my ass and shoehorned in some time to write a damn Wiki page for the group. Here it is. Try to look impressed. Boognish 20:12, 9 July 2012 (BST)

Who we are

We're a group of like-minded associates who got tired of the humdrum boring normality of the zombie apocalypse, and said what the heck, let's fuck with this a little.

What the fuck is a Boognish?

Boognish is the demon that gives Ween's music its special spicy flavor. Boognish may or may not have appeared to (the IRL) Deaner and Geener during a drug-fueled hallucinatory jam session.
Boognish also refers to the Wiki representative of the cult, currently our fearless El Presidente, Dean Ween.

Okay, so what the fuck is a cult of Boognish?

Do you really have to cuss so fuckin' much? Geez. Okay. We're less a cult in the "worship" and "prosyletization" sense than in the "inspired by" and "named after" sense. We do things. We have fun. We kill people. We help people. We fuck with people, mostly people who fuck with other people.

Kill people, so you're PKers?

I think you're thinking of TKers, since everyone in UD is a player. So do we (when survivors) kill other survivors? Sure, if they need killing. Or give 'em a stern talking-to. Or, if they need help, we may help them. We're philosophically aligned with ethical PK groups such as Assault on Stupid Survivors and Philosophe Knights. We don't kill at random.
Geener says he prefers the term AKs, Asshole Killers. I can go with that.

What's with all the similar names and shit? Are you zergs?

Fuck no. The only similar names are Dean Ween, Gene Ween, and Mean Ween, named after the core duo (and sometimes trio) of the band Ween. Duh. Everyone else in the cult takes their name from Ween songs, Ween albums, etc. It makes sense, especially if you're stoned.

--but, I saw you guys do (xyzpdq)!

Please take a sedative and sit down. Everybody in the Cult knows each other in real life. Most of us still go to the same school. And you know what? There's these amazing things called instant messaging, phone, email, and holy shit, walking up and talking to someone.

The origins of the Cult

One day, the player who would be come known as Dean Ween was gaming and imbibing in a little substance with some friends. Several of them played Urban Dead, and so the bitching commenced about how boring the game got in heavily survivor-controlled areas, especially once you hit top level.
As the bitching continued, they came up with an idea. At that time, the PKers seemed to be having all the fun. Why not form a PK group? None of us had done it before. Sure, why the fuck not? As a theme, we picked Ween. And thus, the Cult of Boognish was born.
We would all abandon our existing characters, and be reborn into the Cult. Old accounts and alts were specifically forbidden; no zerging, period. Succeed on your own merits alone.
On top of that, they wanted a unique structure: have the individual accounts be offices, not specific players. The leader would always be Dean Ween, but would not always be the same player; as time moved on, the top player in the group would become the next Dean Ween; the second-in-command would be Gene Ween, and so forth. New members would start as a zombie and work their way up the ranks. It was unique, it was elegant, it was... completely fucking unworkable, as it turns out.
So we eventually settled into a conventional, one player, one account setup. However, if people left the group or quit the game, the characters would be reassigned. For instance the first Gene Ween quit after a year, and was replaced with my current snugglebunny Geener the Second. Since we all know each other outside the "green box" this has worked out pretty well. The cool thing about UD? It's lightweight. I can pop in on my phone and see what's up while I'm in class, driving, or taking a shit. Now didn't you really want to know that?

Where we've been and what we've done

Well... we were just starting out when Geener(#1) heard some obnoxious stupidity on an open transmitter. He got into it with the twit, and when it got ugly, we all jumped in.
Mmm. Begun, this Real Gamer war has.
It took two years to beat the last Real Gamer down. We drove him off the air, and eventually out of the game.
Yeah. We're that Cult of Boognish.
This isn't to say we did it alone, half the damn game was howling for his blood. But if you ever find the guy who played as Rough Craig and LoRd gALtH0RnE (among others) and tell him Boognish says hello, I guarantee you will get a reaction.
Since then it's kind of a blur. We've stomped through Barrville and Roachtown with Axes High and the Roach Klips.
We failed to Escape. We got the T-shirt. We've also defended Fort Needy and Fort Where-the-hell-is-it form time to time.
We've boozed and caroused with the Quartly Study Group, the Mad Kraskers, McCloud's Pub, the Rambling Drunks, and the Night Ravers. (I think that's everybody). We fought the March of the Dead. Then we all went zomb and joined the March of the Dead 2. We miss the Tiny Calves and Amber. Well, most of us do. Meaner left us for a time, but got his shit together and came back. This was in-game and IRL both. I'm glad he made it. Not everyone does.

The Cult now

We're still kicking it in the year 2012. (Meaner says: Still no flying cars or moon colonies, goddammit.)
Currently we're hanging with the South Paynterton Aces, pushing back on another radio asshole who's harrassing them, and went after our medic. We don't like bullies. Other than that, we're having a good time. Isn't that the point of it all anyway?

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