Custodis Of Animus

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Custodis Of Animus
Abbreviation: Soul Keepers
Group Numbers: 1 ish...
Leadership: Seighard
Goals: To Protect and Survive
Recruitment Policy: Ask Seighard at the forums
Contact: The Resistance Forums

Custodis Of Animus

Custodis of Animus has now been updated! Due to the continual inactivity of a majority of The resistance. Custodis Of Animus is becoming an independent group. With its own agenda, although a mass amount of ideas held upon creation, will be kept and maybe warped to suit our collective needs.

Historical Info

Custodis of Animus was a subgroup of The resistance. We are the Watchers, the Wanderers, the Keepers of Souls and protectors of life. We assist and live in this harsh world, full of the undead scourge. We will aid anyone who is a living breathing human and pound to be one! Join The resistance don't be a chicken! Think of what they can do for you!


  • To do what suits our needs.
  • To maintain and defend our safe houses.

And Possibly these....

  • To help anyone that needs our aid.
  • To support The resistance in any operations.
  • To revive and heal fellow resistance members.
  • To maintain and defend The resistance and their safe houses.


  • Seighard, Scientist, Mockbridge Heights

Inactive (Part of the Resistance)

  • BiotecVirus2, Civilain, Rolt Hieghts
  • Razzia, Military, Mockbridge Heights

Don't Join in the Fun!

The Resistance DOESN’T want YOU!!!!! To Join in against the Zombie horde.

SMG.png The Resistance
This group supports The Resistance.
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