Disciples of Meridia

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Disciples of Meridia
Meridia wants the elimination of all undead
Abbreviation: DoM
Group Numbers: 1
Leadership: Basil Ernarde
Goals: To worship Meridia and carry out her wishes of a world without the undead.
Recruitment Policy: Open recruitment
Contact: Basil Ernarde on his talk page

Meridia's Past

Meridia is an obscure Daedric Prince to mortal eyes, and very little is known about her. She is associated with the energies of living things and bears a special hatred for the undead. The Tract of Merid-nunda paints her as a "wayward solar daughter" who was "cast from the heavens for consorting with illicit spectra." Her realm is known as the Coloured Rooms.

"The undead are foul, unnatural things. Some of my rivals take pleasure in these abominations. Not Meridia. I wish these creatures destroyed...Destroy them and their abominations. Do this, and earn the gratitude of Meridia." - Meridia, Lady of Infinite Energies

Group Goals

Because of the wishes of our lady Meridia, Lady of Indinite Energies, we are a group specifically directed towards destroying any undead. Killing and reviving zombies are the main focuses of the group and pursuing those focuses is what Meridia wants. Killing of humans is strictly forbidden and should be done only if in self-defence or if they are helping the undead.


The Disciples of Meridia currently have no home, however, Meridia willing, more members will join and they will help find and maintain a home for us, so that we can help rid Malton of the zombie scourge.

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