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Dr. Steel's Toy Soldiers
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Only YOU can help Dr. Steel take over Malton!

Dr. Steel's Toy Soldiers is an army dedicated to aiding the citizens of Malton. We redecorate Malton with murals of robots and knife-wielding dollies. We slap zombies for messing up our playgrounds. We commandeer factories to strengthen the robot army. We shout with our radios and spraycans to the survivors (and zombies) of the city, sharing Dr. Steel's genius and showing them how they too can be a part of our wonderful movement. Most importantly, we have fun!

Why? Because we believe life should be about fun, not about leading a boring life at a dead-end job. We won't take the oppression anymore and we're taking a stand, with Dr. Steel leading the way!

It's fast and easy to do your part in helping Dr. Steel take over Malton - and the world! All those who want to join may do so.

To enlist within the Toy Soldiers, please apply here, then introduce yourself here. (And put "Dr. Steel's Toy Soldiers" - without the quotes, of course - in the group field of your settings.) The Toy Soldiers look forward to receiving and welcoming new members into our ever-growing numbers.

To a Utopian Playland!

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