Zerg Hunt I.5: Gamewide Teabag Finis Operation

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Zerg Hunt I.5: Gamewide Teabag Finis Operation
Zerg Hunt I5.jpg
Abbreviation: ZHI.5:GTFO
Group Numbers: bountifull
Leadership: Zerg Hunters Unlimited, Dribbling Beavers
Goals: To Teach That Dirty Dirty Finis a Lesson!
Recruitment Policy: Any Non-Zerger Can Play
Contact: Zerg Hunt I.5 Reporting Thread on Resensitized

Zerg Hunt I.5: Gamewide Teabag Finis Operation or ZHI.5: GTFO is a response to an ongoing escalation that has occurred in the game. The Zerg Hunters Unlimited and the Dribbling Beavers have teamed up and have made a call to arms to all willing zerg hunters, bounty hunters, and pkers to help respond to a cheating, problem causing player. The time to act is now!

The History

Origins & The Dribbling Beavers

History is written by the victors, so committing this to press is a strong statement in itself. The Story of Finis probably begins here, though there is some speculation on his actual origin.

The earliest known records of Finis place him within the Santlerville Rangers as an eager up and comer... a little too eager it seems. He began spying on the RRF forums and IRC, and after a series of back and forth PKing with the Beatbox Kids the rangers promptly took away his S-embroidered blue beret and kicked him from the group for stirring up trouble with otherwise friendly pro-survivor groups.

The Beatbox Kids, making the most of this scandal, pointed their finger, and laughed at Finis' misfortune. Finis set his sights on them. Finis couldn't handle them alone though, so he put contracts out on the Beatbox Kids members via the Watchmen, along with appealing for help from several other PKer groups in the area. This backfired on Finis, though, and contracts were, in turn, taken out with The Watchmen on Finis. Unhindered, and, in Finis' own words, with The Watchmen's help, he caused the dismantling of the Beatbox Kids, though they say differently... but as was mentioned earlier, history is written by the victor. And this is where historians believe he began to amass his army. With the dissolution of the BBK into several smaller groups, including the Spice Girls and the Allied Travellers Organisation, accounts began springing up sporting the names of star wars characters, as well as other names (unknown at the time) that he used to attack the BBK en-masse.

During his war with the BBK, he had landed himself on the Dribbling Beavers Do Not Revive list, and with Finis' megalomaniac temperament, he couldn't stand to be judged by another group with which he had no real affiliation. It was at this time he turned his sights upon the Beavers. There is also speculation that says Finis began attacking them because two members of the Beatbox Kids joined the Beavers after the original BBK disbanded.

The war between the beavers and Finis was fierce, and Finis, getting pushed to the wall created Izflawless, Tigerfangredspear, and BuIIgod (note the two uppercase "i"s) and labeled them Feral Undead, placing them as decoys inside The Sweatman Motel in Santlerville. This caused the newer, greener Beavers to divert their attention from Finis' real assault and focus on his decoys which had been named aptly named the Sweatman Griefers. The Sweatman Griefers would then become known for overcading, and destroying generators around the suburb of Santlerville.

As the Sweatman Griefers began gaining levels, they began parachuting the Beavers. This was after a private discussion on the Beavers message board that had been discussing the tactic as a way to counter-attack Finis without getting put on the Rogues Gallery. Finis had somehow gained access to their private forums.

It was during this time he gained vital information about the Beavers, and began making alternate accounts the looked eerily similar to the Beavers' with slight letter variations (as he had with BuIIgod). Taking his griefing up a notch he started killing others in the suburb pretending to be acting in the name of the Beavers and verballing assaulting many he would come across. The spy account was discovered but the damage had been done. Rumors of other spy accounts have been theorized, but none have proven to bear water. During this time he had over 20 accounts he was assaulting them with.

Finis' war continues to this day in Santlerville with the Beavers.

Getting the ZHU's Attention

As 2007 wound down, the Zerg Hunters Unlimited had just reinvented itself and was making a strong comeback in the fight against those who grossly abuse the system. Hunting abusers like I.R.A.T.E. and ARFCOM seemed fun and challenging but Finis wasn't really on our radar... until he posted on Brainstock.

In Early 2008 Anime Sucks had just been promoted to Rogues Gallery Moderator because of his renown leadership in the zerg hunting community. It was then he came across a new user by the name of Veers and a post in which he claimed someone killed his main character, and his alt.

Post on Brainstock
Another PK.

I had like 1 or 2 HP left. I guess it's just easier to kill someone for nothing and get 10XP out of it than do some actual damn playing. Idiots.
Anyway, it was some tool named TravDeDo. Someone please kill him for me.

He was promptly added to the Zerg Liste, and after another rejected pk report due to being on the Zerg Liste he began to get upset with the moderators at the Rogues Gallery and started to justify his actions.

Post on Brainstock
If there was an issue with multi-players, they'd set the IP hit count closer to 50. However, it's NOT against the rules. So what are these nerds whining about?

I can understand if my players were "cheating," hurting anyone else somehow or working towards one goal. But... They're not. In fact, as far as gameplay goes, there's been absolutely no difference between this and if I worked with my roommate to formulate the same plan. It's nothing about gameplay, it seems, just simantics. What's the problem? If it's such an issue... Why hasn't THE GAME done anything?

to which Ashate had this to say in the very same post:

1)If you want to get off the zerg list, take it to Resens, as we do not run that list. They do their own research, we're happy to leave the job to them. Any argument you make here will have absolutely no effect on whether you're on the Zerg list or not. 2) Have you actually read the rules on zerging, by the way? The sentence before the one you're quoting about 'working in a suspicious fashion' states that "your characters should not collaborate, nor share (or stand outside) the same building." You've already admitted in words and screenshot your characters are all hanging out with each other in the same place. It even goes on to say "If you're running a few characters, it's best to make sure that they stay in separate suburbs." Did those parts of the rules on www.urbandead.com seem less vital because they were less convenient?

Veers started getting angry at this point:

Post from Brainstock
I'm not talking about getting off the zerg list, because at this point in time... I couldn't care less. Obviously, considering I had no idea I was ON the list until you guys stopped taking my fairly pointless PK reports, I wasn't affected too much. So, nothing that has happened over at Resens OR here has ever affected my actual gameplay. Why bother? Damn near every name I can think of is on that list. They're still playing.

Yes, I read the rules. No, they didn't seem less vital because they were less convenient, they seemed less vital because they're extremely vague and indecisive. "should not," "it's best..." Who cares? There's a 150-hit limit for a reason, and I've never been flagged by anyone that MATTERED or actually has any sort of CONTROL over anything of consequence before. Why? Most-likely because the rules aren't very strictly enforced. Why again? Because the rules are, if I should even bother to venture, pretty lax. If they weren't, phrases such as "should not" and "it's probably best" would be replaced with something a little more... ya know, concise, such as "will not" and "must."
You guys are like some evangelist religious faction, you're given a small, vague text of guidelines and you take it as literally and severely as possible and then enforce it without regard or logic. Congrats, you're a creepy cult. Here's a cookie.
PS. WOW. I just found a group, Zerg Hunters Unlimited, who's entire ethos is killing people ON that list. "Want to PK, but don't want to get on the PKers list? Join us!" Pathetics. "But what if a zerger kills me in retaliation? Add them to the PKers list at Malton." That's the saddest thing I've ever heard in relation to Urban Dead... possibly ever. Do people ACTUALLY think this way? It's a GAME. Jesus.

Other users began to notice the back and forth between the Mods and Veers, and started adding their own two cents into the conversation, only causing Veers to justify his actions even more. The contribution of others made it deserving of it's own dedicated thread on Brainstock entitled Lets all explain to Veers what zerging is.

But it wasn't until Falco94 of the Dribbling Beavers contacted Anime Sucks that the connection between Veers and Finis was seen:

I noticed you had a fight with Veers about his zergs, just letting you know... The Dribbling Beavers of Santlerville have counted and he has at least 22 zergs. His real name is Finis Valorum. Who is a major pain in the butt. I would love to send that conversation to Kevan and see what he thinks, he's been griefing those Beavers (he PKs them all the time) with his alts for a long time.

And ever since, Veers/Finis has been a major investigation within the Zerg Hunters Unlimited.

Text Rape, Racism, and Awakening the Sleeping Giant

The Gongfu Protocol

Teabagging requires precise tea instruments, such as the teaball

Through the Gamewide Teabag Finis Operation we enact the Gongfu Protocol and exercise our strikes with extreme precision and care, keeping attention to detail while maintaining the integrity and full body of the strike.

The List

This is the current known list of Finis Alts, updates may be made by ZHU, Dribbling Beavers, or other approved Hunters.


The Contest?

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