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Hame Park

Crooketon [2, 65]

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Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.



Hame Park was originally on the spot of an ancient bronze-age graveyard, but by the time Malton was founded, it was just a large patch of land, too barren to be used for farming.

It would remain that way until the mid 1850s. By then, Hame Park had been turned into a notoriously noxious wasteland, filled with waste slurry from the processing plants and factories in Molebank. By the 1900s, it had become so polluted that citizens in the surrounding areas were beginning to get sick, with nausea and lesions a common issue among minors.

In preparations for a bid for the 1958 World's Fair, the city of Malton aimed to remove all the waste and place it outside the city borders, to create Hame Park. It was to be the premiere park in the city of Malton.

The 1958 World's Fair eventually became Brussel's Expo 58, devastating private confidence in Malton's civic projects. Civic corruption and planning issues limited the eventual size of Hame Park, but the vegetation thrived, leading to the rumoured existence of nuclear waste in the original mounds of waste that covered the site. Tree and grassland in Hame park were well-known for being enormous compared to the nearby parks, and rumours of walking trees stalking the nighttime darkness, eating children became urban legend in the surrounding suburbs.

In 1988, due to public pressure related to civilian illnesses, HAZMAT crews based in Cherington Drive Fire Station performed an investigation of the park at the request of the Mayor of Malton. They found no nuclear residue, but did find contaminants related to chemical processing that did affect hormone growth in organisms. Subsequent surveys found a cancer spike in the local area, which were followed by several class-action lawsuits by locals. The lawsuits were settled by the federal government in the following years.

Current Status

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