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Home Page - Signup Thread

I am a timeless chorus. Join your voices with mine, and sing victory everlasting!!!~The Gravemind

The gods have smiled down upon us and have allowed the undead the chance to take the world (starting with Malton). Let us not squander that chance! Join The Flood! Inundantia is truth, We are peace! Join us to overtake Malton, and rid survivors of the burden of life, and give them the gift of assimilation!

We have the potential! Zombies, in general, have the potential to overtake survivors in Malton! All they need is a little organization! And this is what Inundantia will provide.

Our goal is to take over all of Malton! We will bring revives to a halt. Destroy all buildings. Consume all flesh. Break all bones! And allow all to take part in the ASSIMILATION of Malton!!

The dead have inherited the earth.

We are the truth! We are the peace! All corpses in one grave!.

We shall become the dominant force in all of Malton! So says the Gravemind, so it shall be!!!.

Assimilation is imminent...

--Death Valley Driver 00:33, 25 November 2007 (UTC)

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