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A bloodstained book with a torn cover. upon further examination, it has an illegible name in bold lettering.

Day 1

you know those crazy dreams where life becomes almost unreal, outside of comprehension? that's what I feel like right now.

It started like this:

A hiss, like a decompression sound.

then, WHAM! I felt ice moving from my jugular through all the veins in my body. Once the Ice feeling collected at my head, I was able to feel. God awful, but a start. I woke up in familiar territory, outside of the police department where I hail from. Page Plaza PD. I stepped inside by clambering over what seemed to be some wood planks, a sink, some vending machine parts, and what used to be a couch, I think. My hair and clothes were both matted and generally soaked with blood. This, being a generally bad thing for someone who has amnesia. of course my first when I clambered inside question was,

"why is there somebody's couch outside the door?"

I was met with wide stares.

"Don't you know?" A curious-looking person asked.

"know what?" I asked.

"there are zombies out there..." another one finished.

And then my sanity collapsed. somewhere in between there I attempted to fall asleep, but couldn't. possibly because of the fear of my eyballs getting ripped out of my head, or maybe the fact that groans can be heard from inside? I don't know.

see you on the other side! --Jack Kolt Talk|Chars

Day 2

I found a map of malton in my back trouser pocket, so I scrounged for a ballpoint pen and started drawing. I began writing down all the things I would need If I were to relocate. I finally heard rumors of a hospital called Tikhon General Hospital. They have A full working staff, but best of all, REAL FOOD. hmm, the last time I had anything better than powdered milk and stale bread, It was a long time ago. but when was It? I don't know. I hardly have anything to my name but my police badge and pistol. But I kind of like the name Jack Kolt. I think it suits me well.

see you on the other side! --Jack Kolt Talk|Chars

Day 3

*sigh* well, This sucks. I'm locked out of my own building! I'm not just being a wimp at getting over the 'cades either. they completely blocked any. way. in. well, Brandon way PD looks safe for now. all things considered, I think I should start getting into this "parkour" stuff. seems easy, but I know for a fact that I will completely and utterly eat ground If I try it. but I guess If the windows are open...

(there are a few pieces of small gravel and dirt, along with blood smears)

Ahem... no. no no no no no. I lept the roof to get to another rooftop and I crashed through Brandon way's defunct fire escape! but wow, this hurts like a muth--.,,,.

(the line drags down the page)

Day 4

Yesterday's erm.. incident... gave me a new look on this stuff.

A. do not attempt this from a tall building.

B. never go without knowing how to.

so I asked this military guy wearing camo and-the-like and he taught me how to "free run"! he also gave me a warning about unstable..ruined.. something something something or other.

It really is exhilarating, free running. the euphoria as you cross between buildings. now, landings... they can be harsh on the ankles. Yeah.. not fun.

see you on the other side! --Jack Kolt Talk|Chars

Day 5

after I finally learned free running, I used it to cross my way into Foulkes village. my first stop on my way to Ruddlebank. woo! I'm crashing at crew avenue PD. I don't know why, but I guess police departments just draw me in, but I just hope not everybody decorates their front lobby with animal skeletons. creepy.

well, this is all for now. See you on the other side! --Jack Kolt Talk|Chars

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