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4/3/08, Thursday -- South Monroeville, Spaulding Mall

I found this book searching around one of the bookstores in Spaulding Mall. The batteries in my video camera have died, so I figure I might as well pick up writing where that left off; there doesn't seem to be much else to do. I'm getting too restless. Ever since Monroeville was put into full quarantine last week, things have been too quiet. Though I suppose that's better than too much excitement, considering our circumstances; I've seen too many of my friends die at St. Hilary's Hospital, under attack by a horde of zombies.

"Zombies". It's so weird to say that word, to say that they exist. And yet, what else could they be? But at least we're learning. They can be stopped by destroying or removing the head.

Even worse, there are rumors of riots among people; human killing humans, as if we don't have enough trouble. Maybe that's what happened to one of my friends; he just disappeared from the mall one day. The only reason I know he's dead is that I recognized him among a group of zombies.

I haven't gone outside in days for fear that I might run into hostile humans or zombies; or worse, into ones who I used to know. But I'm getting cabin fever, staying here in the mall. I've considered a trip back to St. Hilary's Hospital, but I know that's just asking for trouble. Even if it's still standing, I don't expect there to be any survivors left. But if I plan my trip carefully, I just might be able to make it there and back in a day. And it would give me something to do.


I made it to St. Hilary's. Note to self: a one-day round-trip probably isn't possible, even under the best of circumstances.

There are some survivors here, but also a lot of zombies and ruined buildings. I'll spend the night in one of the intact ones, but I don't know that I'll be sleeping much.

4/6/08, Sunday -- South Monroeville, the Lynn Hotel

There are quite a few survivors in this area, they just don't seem to be very active. Understandable, I guess. I even found some survivors I recognized! I was looking for a factory so we could get some power back to this area, and look what else I found! I'd pretty much have to stay the night, even if I did have enough energy to continue my search.

6/13/08, Friday -- South Monroeville, Spaulding Mall

So much for keeping a journal of important events. Not that there's much to record; it's been pretty quiet lately. But now there is news! The borders of Monroeville have been reopened, at least for those who want to enter they city. Does this mean that we will be rescued? Or just that more zombie-fodder has arrived? Speaking of which, more zombies have been spotted recently as well; rumor is, head shots are no longer permanently putting them down...

I've all but given up on St. Hilary's Hospital. A man in Spaulding Mall convinced me to join a group of survivors called "The Holdouts", who are "Dedicated to preserving their humanity". It seems like a worthy enough cause. But still, I wear a patch from St. Hilary's, in memory of the fallen.

6/15/08, Sunday

From listening to the radio reports, you'd think all hell was breaking loose. There are more zeds around the mall area, but from the sounds of it, we aren't getting hit as badly as some parts of Monroeville.

6/18/08, Wednesday -- South Monroeville, Porter Place Police Department

Zombies have broken into Spaulding Mall. We've been trying to keep the 'cades up and get rid of the zeds, but it's been tough. I patched up the other survivors in the NW corner the best I could and took a few shots at some zeds before trying to find a safe place to get some rest. In the morning, I'll try to be of more help.

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