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Lumber Mall Revolution

The Lumber Mall Revolution, or LMR for short, is a movement to unite players in and around the Lumber Mall into one cohesive group that will be capable of expelling, and repelling any threats. It is not the goal of the LMR to replace, defeat, or displace the groups already occupying Lumber Mall, but rather to subsume them and make them a semi-autonomous part of the revolution.


The LMR will not be content with remaining a static and stagnant group. We, instead, are very goal-oriented, and wish to continually move forward. As such here is an outline of our short-term goals...

  • Create a mass movement within Lumber Mall
  • Begin to draw players in from outside the Penny Heights suburb (aka. spread the revolution)
  • Fortify Lumber mall against the Mall Tour and repel it
  • Continue to grow in numbers and expand

The Movement

The LMR is dependent upon a mass movement of the players in Lumber Mall, without the players' support it will become a quick and impotent failure. It requires that players band together to form Lumber Mall into a powerful and cohesive facility. If we garner the support of the people they will not lose power by being forced under the reign of some faceless leader, but will rather become more powerful by being joined to one another. Our supporters will not lose the freedom to do as they wish as players, but instead will be capable of more since they can join specialized groups for nearly any playing style, and they will now have comrades to support them. This is the movement the LMR seeks to create, a union of players centered in, and protecting lumber mall, but all working in their specialized ways to further it as they can.

If you wish to become a part of this movement then simply put LMR in your group box, and check on this wiki page for what you should do to help spread, and defend the revolution.

Note: You do not have to quit any other groups you have joined to become part of the revolution. We wish to eventually to make the larger groups in the area a semi-autonomous part of the revolution, but that is for the future.

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